Horse Games – The Adventure Road Trip

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It allows you to breed your own new stallion, name him someone indestructible, become his jockey and train him on different track surfaces, participate in various tournaments. It also provides you with a full-fledged online community that holds jockeys, trainers and breeders both professional and amateurs.  Victories are granted with race points that later can be bartered for real prizes, leading into opportunities to attend the most famous races in world racing, this isn’t something you can compromise on!

So isn’t something you can let go away. This is your chance to earn the total control of a stable ad learn, explore and experience the journey of breeding to winning a race totally on your own, at your will and command. You can choose from a spoiling array of legendary horses as your upcoming foal’s sires and dames. Once you have your offspring ready, time arrives to train them and get them ready for competition.

Browse through various training plans, analysis routines and care regimes that suit your horse the best so you can provide them the most conducive environment for preparation for the online tournaments. Once you are ready, a string of participations begin including victories here and there eventually leading us into a new budding race hero on the tracks! Designed in immersive cutting edge 3D gaming technology, the graphics will keep you spellbound throughout the logged in duration. The grand stands, the gates, the paddock, the finish line, the race tracks and the weather have all utilized endless research and study into their behavioural patterns under different conditions to make the whole gaming experience life like.

And not just that, you also have a multi-angle view of the race giving you a complete view of the race from the jockey’s, audience’s at the grandstand and also a front approaching angle. Horse games belonging to this standard of immersive simulation gaming are rare. And we bring you just that, a rare opportunity to experience virtual reality from your couch at your fingertips.

With the top horses also on the database, the players might as well skip the breeding and choose fine thoroughbred, royal bloodline beasts like the Affirmed or the Prospector and race them against their own timeless competitors and create new history with fresh victories and defeats. Even the enticing online community that’s been grabbing attention on this gaming platform the most allows users to interact with players from all stages of the game including rookies and hard core professionals likewise.

You can register online with and become a member of our racing community. There’s no need to hold back the hidden talent, it’s time to unleash your horses and start the battle for the wire. Breed, train, bet and capture that trophy of success in every tournament, win points and utilize them too. Exchange for VIP privileges that also allow you special provisions in and across the online horse racing platform. So log in now and register to join the crazy bandwagon of endless horse racing adventure and thrill.


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