Driving Instructor in Crawley Explains Why it is One of The Best Places to Take Your Pass Plus

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Raj Purba, Driving Instructor in Crawley explains why it is one of the best places to take your Pass Plus.

After you have passed your test, you can finally learn how to drive, is what they say.

Not in the sense of thinking and acting like you are the best driver on the planet, and flouting all the rules and common sense, but in getting experience on the roads, in real life. Every drive down the same road is completely different with different vehicles around you, and different hazards from the road you are on, and from adjoining roads. There are so many different types of roads and driving conditions and Pass Plus was created to accelerate your post-test learning.

There is no substitute for experience and demonstrating that you have the basis for getting real life experience. The framework that the DSA has put around this is “Pass Plus”.
This is for new drivers and consists of different modules. Broadly speaking these are town, country, all weather, night, on dual carriageways, and motorways.
There could not be a better place in my view, than Crawley to access all of these different sorts of driving scenarios. We are essentially an urban area, bounded by dual carriageways, motorways and countryside.

The course must last at least 6 hours, and sometimes dependent on where you live, you might be able to get help in tuition costs from your local authority. So, having checked whether your local authority supports pass plus you need to find an Approved Driving Instructor, by checking online or by phoning the Pass Plus Section of the DSA on 0115 936 6504,

The course might last longer, but at least 5 and a half of those six hours should be spent in the car, as this is a practical course.

After you have mastered the basics, which is after all what the full test is about, Pass Plus is an excellent way to build on your knowledge and skills, which is why the PP test should be taken in the first year after having passed your test.

If you are getting insurance then the good news is that the lessons might even pay you back more than their cost because the premiums are lower for those who have taken Pass Plus, it is dependent on your age and gender.

The direct gov website states that timescales of taking your PP test after your main one are no longer than 2 years. It is an open market amongst the companies that do a PP insurance discount and you will need your certificate, but the companies are as follows:

• 4Counties Insurance
• AA Insurance
• Adrian Flux Insurance Services
• Churchill Insurance
• Click4Gap (enter voucher code ‘PASSPLUS10GAP’)
• Direct Line
• Endsleigh
• i-Kube
• Privilege
• Quinn Direct Insurance Ltd
• Royal and Sun Alliance
• Swinton Car Insurance
• Young Marmalade

So, doing Pass Plus is one of the few things in life that can directly pay for itself.

As in my guide for finding the best Driving Instructor in Crawley for you, you should select the DI who is the best fit for you, and who is qualified to teach Pass Plus.

Happy hunting, Raj Purba


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