Facebook vs Google+ — Is Google+ Catching up Facebook?

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Facebook users have 53% users play games, use third party applications, send private messages to friends, hide status updates from people you want but see everyone else’s updates!

While Google+ allows up to 10 people who can chat as a group, can leave a message, no help feature, easy to share info with specific friends, allow specific friends to see data, delivers articles, blogs and other content from the web depending on your criteria and share your locations with one click!

Facebook create groups using lists feature not as easy as Google+ who so difficult to share specific updates with specific friends. Google+ targeted grouping made to sort and manage friends using HTML5 drag and drop. It choose whether to show your data in search results or not. Full of tiny animations and easy to share information with specific friends.

In Facebook Chat – Facebook provides XMPP or Jabber protocol used to make custom chat application for mobile and able to send private message to friends. While Google+ hangout allows group chat with up to 10 people. Whoever is speaking automatically gets the focus, can leave video messages and supports windows, mac and linux.

Facebook privacy settings can’t list specific updates although it can share updates with either friends, friends of friends or everyone. Can choose which friends you wanted to appear on or offline to. While Google+ choose how your profile will look to others on the web in circle sharing. Allow specific friends to see data and can either be online for all your friends or offline for all of them.

Facebook has 713 Million Unique Visitors worldwide with 51.2% of Male audience and 48.4% from Female audience. While Google+ has 73.7% male and 26.3% from female audience. Google+ got impressive rapid growth with more audience visitors in top U.S cities

Although Facebook still holds the lead in total users, Google+ is certainly catching up. Having recently removed the “invite only” status from their site, they now have more than 10 million users and predicted 20 million users in the end of the weekened. The Privacy controls and simple sharing tools could give Google+ an edge to draw in even more users if they can expand outside their current demographic.


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