How to Meditate to Calm Your Busy And Active Mind

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Meditation means to heal. In Hindi it is called yog that means connection, connection of the soul & the supreme soul. A simple meditation technique energizes you, bringing both peace and insight to a busy and active mind. It increases your capacity to love, enhance your ability to concentrate on work

Meditation develops the power to be more alert and effective in our interaction with others, which helps in stress management automatically. You can lead a happy life by learning how to manage stress in our day to day life.

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How to Meditate – Simple Technique for meditation

  • For 10 or 20 minutes each morning make an appointment with yourself

  • Sit comfortably upright on the floor or in a chair.

  • With your eyes open gently rest them on any chosen point in front of your room.

  • Gradually, withdraw your attention from all sights and sounds and start observing your own thoughts.

  • Slowly they will retard and you will begin to feel more peaceful. Create one thought, about yourself for example, “I am a peaceful soul.” Hold that thought; visualize yourself as being peaceful and quiet.

  • Stay in the awareness of this thought as long as you can. Do not suppress other thoughts or memories as they may come to distract you. Just watch them and pass by and return to your own created thought.

  • Next think of the Supreme Soul, who is the ocean of peace, bliss, love and so on. Think yourself as receiving all these virtues from Him.

  • Acknowledge the positive feelings and thoughts, which may spring directly from this thought and appreciate them

This is a how to mediate technique to quiet your busy mind. Stay with these feelings for a few minutes. Finish the meditation practice by closing the eyes for a few seconds and creating complete silence in your mind.

Practice the meditation technique for a few days and watch your stress level going down automatically. As internal strength is greatly increased it helps greatly in reducing stress.

Take a brake to practice meditation technique

Taking a brake from your daily routine for few minutes to practice meditation greatly reduces your anxiety. Regular exercising meditation will gradually change your thinking pattern and wrong predispositions. Besides the above meditation technique, you should also practice below exercises.

  • Release all tensions…

  • Move inwards, letting your thoughts gradually focus on the experience of peace…

  • For a few moments reflect on all the things that have a negative influence on you, the people, the situations; that stops you from achieving a state of inner freedom…

  • Visualize a circle of light around you…

  • Feel protected inside this circle of subtle spiritual power…

  • Nothing can take away your positivity, your inner peace, your strength and wisdom…

  • Feel that you are internally free. You are not at the mercy of anyone or any situation…

Practice the above meditation techniques for a quarter of a month and feel the difference in your state of mind. How to mediate is a simple way to shoot down your stress level steeply and calm your busy and active mind.


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