Success Secrets #1

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If you were to watch of movie of people’s lives, these five characteristics would be illuminated in their successes or failures – over and over again. For some, these traits come naturally.  For others, they may take years to learn, or they may never learn them at all – without education or coaching.

But here is the good news: these traits can be learned! And, it’s a proven fact that by embracing them and making these five “habits of successful people” a part of your being, you WILL achieve success in your personal life.

There are many people who have overcome obstacles and became successful. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it’s a certainty that they accomplished this success by applying these 5 habits of successful people.

Note: These success secrets are relevant for success in relationships, family and friends, business, sports, investing…. you name it!

SUCCESS SECRET #1:  Hearing the response “NO” is not actually a rejection in most cases. Instead, it means:  “You haven’t given me enough information to convince me.”

Whether you’re trying to convince someone to vote for you or you’re trying to sell them a fishing rod – it’s critical that the potential “buyer” or listener clearly understands what you’re offering.  More importantly, it’s imperative that you understand their needs, desires and problems in order to give them what they want.  You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what it is.

Typically, when someone doesn’t understand what they’re being offered or told, it’s because they don’t have the necessary information on which to base a decision.  So, their natural response is to say “no” to the offer.  This is because many people don’t want to admit: “I don’t get it” and appear foolish or unintelligent.  So, to avoid embarrassment, they will simply reject the proposal or offer.

So, one of the habits of successful people is realizing that the word “no” is often a natural response to confusion or missing information. So, they make it their mission to provide the listener or buyer with all of the necessary information, in a form they can understand, in order to make an educated and hopefully, positive decision.

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