Happiness is Within Your Reach; Catch it

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Religions believe and preach that God intends every human to be happy with Him in heaven, but does that mean that we are not meant to be happy while we are on this earth? Actually happiness depends upon what you mean by being happy here on this earth. It is our decision to be happy by doing certain things makes us happy when we are confronted with various experiences. In fact, we look outside of ourselves for the key to happiness. We even look to alcohol, drugs, fancy food, abnormal sex, etc. but to no avail.

What makes one happy?

Is it the money or wealth that makes one’s life happy?  Most people have the wrong notion that money can make them happy by giving them all comforts and luxuries. But it is false. You may imagine that you will have all the pleasures filled in your life making you happy, if you win a huge sum in a lottery. Many of us think that material things in the world can make us happy but are frustrated mostly in our pursuit for happiness.

Search for happiness

Man seeks happiness from every source. He spends a lifetime searching for happiness. Most of us think that happiness is achieved only through physical things and circumstances and we must look for it in the physical world. We very often hear people saying things like “If only I could buy that car, then I would be truly happy.” Or “If only I could find the right partner in life, that would be all I need to be happy.” All these different statements reveal that most of the time, we tend to look for true happiness in external things and conditions and as such our happiness tend to be only temporary and short lived. Once our desire is achieved in external things, we become unhappy again and tend to look for more and more new external things to find happiness.

Cosmic tree of happiness

You might have heard about the story of Cosmic Tree in Hindu mythology. It could give anything you want. Once when some children were playing inside the house, an old sage who happened to meet them showed them a Cosmic Tree near their house which could give them anything they asked for. Though the children were hesitating at first, by and by, they dared to try the word of the sage. They got out and started wishing under the tree. They wished for sweets and they got them. But they went on eating the sweets and they got sick. They wished for fancy toys and they got them, but they soon got bored of those toys and wanted to get rid of them. They did not understand that the Cosmic Tree always granted their wishes in pairs – what was wished for always came with its exact opposite.

That is what is happening in the earthly pursuits of happiness. For, it is the way of the universal order since everything comes in complementary pairs. Unlike the children, adults wish for sex, fame, money and power, the four main fruits of the Cosmic Tree. It may be true that they get their wishes fulfilled, but sex comes with jealousy, fame with isolation, money with worries and power with palace intrigues. In spite of these paired effects, they go on wishing and wishing and wind up leading miserable lives.

A real happy person

Popular literary theologian C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Aim at Heaven and you will get thrown in. aim at Earth and you get neither.” We cannot be truly happy unless we are united with God. If we focus on earthly things, we will never know true happiness. If we focus on God, we will know happiness even on this earth.

A real happy person creates real prosperity, not just abundance. Prosperity is when you have or trust you can get everything you wish or have all the resources you need to fulfill the true desire of your soul and identity.

Where is real happiness?

Real happiness lies within. It is within our reach. We must try to comprehend the inner call to be really happy. One key to happiness is to avoid being attached to what you have or complaining about what you do not have. We are unable to attain happiness because we do not have control over these two factors. 

Happiness is within your reach; catch it.


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