How to Buy a Bikini That Fits

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We have all seen the unfortunate celebrity woman who looks like she ran afoul of some hideous bikini accident.  Or maybe a failed bikini experiment.

So, what women really want to know is:  How to get a bikini that fits.

Well the first rule of thumb is stop trying to cover up everything.  Do a realistic assessment of your assets.   Get a bikini that is daring and bold in showing off your good side.  Get a girlfriend whom you trust to help you if you aren’t sure what your best feature is.  If you are a big girl with a big bust then bikini season is time to let the other ladies know who’s boss.  And if the tummy isn’t so hot then get a tankini with a plunging neckline.   Alluring cleavage with no tummy bulge showing–let’s face it, you know your look good.

If your bottom is your best feature get a thong.  Nobody will even see that small chest if you’ve got the best butt on the beach.  Make the other girls envious.

If you are an older woman then certainly covering more is a good idea but don’t forget to get some support where you need it.  Remember that sometimes being sexy is about the promise of things to come or a preview of coming attractions.   That and a glowing, friendly smile will get you all the attention you need.

Now for some general bikini advice:  You don’t necessarily want to buy a bikini set if you are buying swimwear.  In order to get the top to fit correctly and the bottom to look good  as well you might want to fit each one separately rather than trying to squeeze into say a bottom that doesn’t work just because the top looks smashing on you.

When you are trying that bikini top on be sure to try raising your arms over your head to make sure that everything stays where it should.  Remember you will not be a statue out on that beach.  You will have to move.

Don’t buy anything that is too loose and floppy and don’t buy anything that squeezes or pinches.

One last thing, take a look at your self in the rear view mirror.  Make sure the bikini bottom reveals what you want revealed and nothing more.



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