Virtual Dating a New Way to Meet Someone

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Virtual Dating a New Way to Meet Someone

With the advancement of technology and popularity of social networking, new and exciting ways of meeting people have evolved.  Many people have turned to online dating in hopes of finding someone they can connect with, and not deal with the initial awkwardness of a face-to-face meeting.  A new trend on the rise is virtual dating, which consist of people interacting on a date in a virtual real-life dating environment.  This virtual real-life experience is accomplished through the use of avatars, a life like representation of the user or the user’s alter ego. The experience of virtual dating has enticed many people who tend to be self-conscious about dating and meeting new people. Virtual dating is a way for two people to meet and have a conversation in a romantic restaurant over dinner and coffee. A first date can be in any location such as New York City or Italy.  Virtual daters have the ability to go on long walks, take a boat ride, and play games as if they are actually in person just done virtually. Daters are also able to take relationship compatibility tests in order to see if they are a perfect match and have similar interests and goals in life. If you’re someone who has trouble with first encounters virtual dating can be an interesting option to consider.

What to expect?
Like many of the online dating sites virtual dating has the same process to begin meeting people, creating your profile. Once you have created a profile you will then be prompted to create an avatar you will use for meeting people and going on dates. After you create an avatar as close enough to your actual appearance, you will be able to go out into the dating seen. When you see a person you think you may have a connection with, you send that person a request for a date. Once he or she accepts both avatars are transported to a dating environment such as a café as an initial get to know one another.  In this fun virtual experience daters are able to do everyday activities in order to get to know each other better, such as playing games or strolling through a museum.

The virtual avatars have to ability to show affection in the form of holding hands by pressing buttons or icons that show on their screen that allows them to show their interests in the other.  Like with real dating if the two people think they have common interests and seem to mesh, an arrangement to see one another in person can be arranged.

Virtual dating has become very popular in the simple fact that people are able to choose who they want to meet and get to know the other person through fun real life like experiences before actually taking the plunge and meeting the person. This method of dating eliminates the uncomfortable first date, and people feel more comfortable knowing what to expect.

Research has shown that those who have been able to interact with one another in a virtual environment and have spent time getting to know each other have had better success during a face-to-face meeting than people who have only been viewed and matched by similar profiles with no initial meeting.


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