Protect Your Baby’s Skin From The Sun

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Protect your baby’s skin from the sun

Protecting your baby’s skin should be taken with great care when it comes to the unforgiving long term effects from the sun. The ultraviolet light that exudes from the sun can cause sunburn if the skin is exposed for even a short period of time, and can cause skin complications later on in life. This protection for a child is very important due to the texture; a baby’s skin is much thinner and has less melanin than an adult. Melanin is the brown pigment that helps to protect the skin from the sun. Unprotected skin that is frequently exposed to the ultraviolet light in sunshine may also suppress the skin’s immune system.

Babies with fair skin have an even greater risk of sun damage if exposed to sunlight, even on a cloudy day or in the shade. Parents should take great care in protecting their child’s skin not only with creams, but clothing and accessories that prevent the sunlight from reaching your baby’s skin at all.Sunscreen made for an adult cannot be used the same for a baby due to their delicate soft skin, so using a sunscreen specially made for a baby’s skin is important, because many of the regular sunscreens made for adults can irritate the skin. It is important to find a sunscreen that is super gentle and protects your baby’s skin from the unforgiving UVA and UVB rays.

Wearing Protective clothing

Hats are a good way to prevent the sunlight from reaching the face and neck. A hat with a wide brim all the way around it can even provide some shade to the shoulders. A long sleeve T-shirt will offer your baby the best protection from the sun, especially as the shoulders tend to burn very easily. If your child is carried in a stroller it may also be a good idea to drape a sheer blanket over the front end of the stroller in order to provide shade. Occasionally observing your child’s skin can help you to notice any new signs and changes in their skin, regularly checking your baby’s skin can keep you informed and act if anything appears.


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