Foods With Aphrodisiac Qualities

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Foods with Aphrodisiac qualities

Certain foods with invigorating aromas and tantalizing shapes have been found to enhance one’s sensual feeling.  When these foods are consumed they have an effect on your hormones, and can give a person more energy and that gets them in the mood. Many of these foods are healthy and when you eat healthy you feel health. A few foods to try to stimulate your desires include:


This healthy green vegetable has been found to boost histamine production in the body giving the ability to reach an orgasm.


With the sensuous texture and delightful taste of an avocado is not only delicious, but is also a hormone buster. It helps the body


Looking at the interesting shape of a banana, one might image why can be a turn on, but    the real component is potassium. Potassium is important to muscle strength, causing muscle contractions to be intense.


An obvious well-known aphrodisiac said to enhance production of testosterone, improving sex drive. Another turn on for the males is that the oyster resembles the female genitalia, which is an automatic turn on.


Not only is chocolate delicious and a great way to end dinner, it also contains cancer preventing enzymes. Consuming chocolate also releases exciting endorphins, putting you in a feel good mood.


The seductively sweet sticky texture of honey is a delightful indulgence and a staple for any romantic setting. Honey contains the mineralboron, which enhances the testosterone levels in the blood, the hormone responsible for promoting sex drive and orgasm in both men and women.


A glass or two of wine can enhance a romantic setting. A moderate intake of wine relaxes and helps to stimulate the senses. Red wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that stimulates blood flow improving the circulation in the sexual parts of the body.

Indulge in one or a combination of both, each of these aphrodisiac foods can be incorporated into a romantic dinner from appetizers to dessert. Try Salmon (which is also known to have a tantalizing effect) with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes, don’t forget the red wine. For dessert try chocolate strawberries paired with another small glass of wine to finish off a romantic evening. 


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