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The sweets and pastry industry has passed to another level in terms of presentation and branding. There are more and more producers who started using contemporary artistic presentation means for displaying their sweet products and for this reason we may consider that gourmet cookies may even be included in art, judging from the way they are presented and displayed by the imaginative producers and merchants. The evolution of gourmet cookies also lies in the means of presentation, which are now specific for whatever special occasion you may need these for. For this reason, the popularity of these traditional baked sweets has increased even more among the amateurs of sweet sensations.

If we analyse the industry of these baked cookies, we may notice that since early years, this has been formed as a family tradition started by families who had talented members in baking and making cookies as per their traditional recipes. In fact, this is what gourmet cookies stand for: tradition. One example of such family business would be the one started by Mrs. Field, who started her own activity in making and baking gourmet cookies out of her personal hobby. Out of a family tradition and inspired by a traditional recipe, the talented baker started a home business that started bringing her financial satisfaction as well.

Out of a notable experience in gourmet cookies, Mrs. Field took her small business to another level when she started commercializing these online, by creating a presentation website with her sweet delicious cookies. Out of this small activity she developed into a medium activity by also adding gift baskets with cookies for people to be able to order these as gifts and offer them to their loved ones and even to their business partners, as one of the company’s slogans stands for. The success increased as the quality of the cookies was so great that people continued to purchase more and more fresh cookies online. This was due to the comfortable delivery policy that delivered just about anywhere.

There are many ways that gourmet cookies may be purchased, either in gift baskets, separately or in bulk, a way by which one may also get a considerable discount. However, the customer reviews and opinions all state the same thing: the freshness of the cookies in indubitable, no matter if they are purchased directly from the store or ordered online.

However, the interesting thing about the business is that it has actually built its tradition from 1977, when the talented baker decided to share her talent and use it in making people happy with her gourmet cookies creation. Thus, Mrs. Field’s Gourmet Cookies was created, in using a special recipe and a traditional concept that makes the best of all the cookies baked and commercialized. Through this entering on the online market, Mrs. Field succeeded in creating her online popularity and in spreading her talent through internet as well. This may be considered as a useful tip for anyone who owns a quality small business and would like to expand it by using the online market.

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