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If you want to do business on the web, you need to be able to accept card payments electronically. Luckily for you, it’s never been easier. Here’s the whole process, in simple and easy to follow steps.

1.) Select a Payment Service

You could get a merchant account and do your own card processing. This isn’t usually worth the effort, unless you do an awful lot of transactions. For most business, third-party payment services are a much better solution. There are plenty third party payment processors that can provide these services for you for a minimal fee.

In the past it was necessary for you to consider which services your customers would have accounts with, but as most services now let you accept payments from people who don’t have accounts with them that’s not much of an issue any more.

The biggest online payment player is PayPal ( and they are worth considering first as the first choice. AlertPay ( is a decent PayPal alternative, and a useful backup. You might also like to check out more specific services, such as 2Checkout ( or ClickBank ( non-physical products only, popular for ebook sales). WorldPay ( works very well internationally.

2.) Create Your Account

Create an account at the online payment service provider. It almost goes without saying that you shouldn’t give these details out to anyone you’re not sure of . Be suspicious and cautious of payment services that you’ve found with a search but never actually seen in use.

3.) Verify Your Account

Most payment providers require you to verify your account before you receive any sizable amount of money. Some services will even cross-reference your phone number with your address and then phone you up to make sure it really was you. Don’t be too disturbed by all this. It’s all in the name of security, and you’re not doing anything bad or wrong.

4.) Add the Payment Button

When the time comes to actually start accepting customers’ money through the service, all you’ll need to do in most cases is add some kind of raiment button to your sales pages. Usually the payment service will provide some sort of the HTML button for this purpose with a few tutorials to explain how to place it on your website.

5.) Cash Out as Often as Possible

Whenever you’re dealing with electronic payments, the final step is to withdraw every time you get an amount of money you consider significant. Absolute minimum should be at least once per week. There are all sorts of reasons for this, but the biggest one by far is that online payment services are not anywhere near as strictly regulated as other financial institutions.


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