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Anyone in the PR industry can tell you that misconceptions about this line of work run rampant in our society. Many people associate PR with a media relations role that includes little more than sending press releases and pitching reporters. In reality, a good PR firm has the potential to create real value for companies through complex strategic work. Nowhere is this truer than in the high technology industry, where market success depends on one’s ability to stand out among a sea of cutting-edge competitors. Underestimating the power of a solid high tech public relations campaign can cause individuals and companies to become unnecessarily pessimistic about their chances of breaking into a market and succeeding once they’re there.

I was surprised to find evidence for this point when I stumbled upon a Francis Moran blog post about the circumstances necessary for bringing technology to market.  According to David French, a seasoned Canadian patent attorney, it’s not enough for a company to come up with an amazing invention. They must also be able to introduce that invention into a favorable market environment. For French, this means ensuring that the product has at least one feature that is truly innovative and very difficult to imitate. The market is a battlefield and competitors can always ruin a company’s potential for success simply by cutting their prices.

In light of what I know about high tech pr, David French’s views seem a bit off the mark. So long as a company enlists the services of a good high tech pr firm, it should not be so easy to drive their product out of the market. By creating and reporting news through a variety of channels, assisting in the development and placement of products and services, and organizing cross-promotions and event sponsorships, a high tech pr campaign facilitates positive brand association and visibility. In this way, high tech pr can build a company’s reputation and ensure that customers know exactly what makes their output valuable. High tech pr secures customers that are loyal to a company’s products and services, even if the competition is a bit cheaper. High tech pr also attracts potential investors that support continuous innovation and help a company stay ahead of the curve.  

A good high tech pr firm reflects the complexity of the field through its strategic work. Given the value that a high tech pr firm can create, high tech pr services should be considered a worthy investment for any technology company that wants to stay on its game.

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