First Aid In Accident

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StepBasic Steps

Do not move or change position of the injured, especially when injuries occur because of falls, falls from height with hardware or other violence. Move or reposition the patient is only when your action is to save others from danger. act quickly if the patient was bleeding, difficulty breathing, burns or shock. Lay the patient, and a blanket to keep warm, but do not get too hot. If the patient vomited and you are sure that there is no possibility of fracture of the neck, twisting his body to one side, to prevent the possibility of choking. Call your doctor and ask what steps you should take place before the doctor arrived the patient. Check the person’s condition closely and carefully, do not remove clothing from burns patients.

Do not washburnsthreestages(threestages ofburnsareburnsthathave damagedthedeepestlayer of skin).Immediatelycoverthe wound withsteriledressing.Do not giveany liquidtohalf thepatientswhofaintedorpassed out.Fluidcan enter therespiratorytractandcausedifficulty in breathingfor patients.Do not try toresuscitateanunconsciouspersonby slappinghis face,shakinghis bodyoreven scream.Do not givealcoholin patients whosufferedsevere injuries.

Stop theBleeding

Stop thebleedingby pressing thewoundoraround the wound.If the woundis too wide,you mayneed to pressthe wounditselfso thatthe bleedingstoppedimmediately.Presscontinuously.Do not remove thepressureeveryminutejust tosee ifthe bleedinghasstopped.In casethere areinjuriesinthe feetor hands,raise yourhand orfootso thatits positionis higherthanthe head.Do thisif youbelievethere is nootherdanger,as this willreducebloodflow.Ifafter agivenpressurethe bleedinghas not ended,perhapsarteriesorveinshave been cut off,tapthe veinnearthe wound,tostop theflow of bloodfrom the heart toanotherplace.

  1. If thewound around thepalmandfingers,pressthe pulseat thewrist.
  2. Ifthere is awoundin the arm, pressyour handon the pulsein the armpit.
  3. Presswiththe back of thepalm ofyourhandpulsecontainedin the groindownthe frontbit(groin).
  4. Ifthere arecutsinthe face, pressyourfingeron the pulsebelow thelower jaw.
  5. Ifthere aresoreson the skin ofthe upperhead,press thepulseat theside of the headright infront of the ear.
  6. Ifthere arewoundsin the neckorthe back ofthe head,press thepulsein the neckbelow theear.

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