Substitute For Cream of Chicken Soup

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 Nowadays, the more people like the cream soup, the wider variety of cream used as substitute for cream of chicken soup. In this article, there are four recipes which can be used as pleasing cream for your own appetite and will be explained more detail as followings:

1. Low fat cream recipe

It is ideal for people who want to maintain perfect body shape or people in diet process. If you are eager on using low sodium, it can be arranged well. The ingredients you should prepare are basil (1 tsp), nonfat milk (2 c), dried onion flakes (2 tsbp), thyme (1 tsp), pepper (half tsp), and cornstarch (3/4 c). Once they have been prepared, blend them and keep it on good storage. When it is needed, just put from the refrigerator. Now, how to make the soup? The mold of cream soup is mixed with 1 ¼ water. Blend them carefully and store into microwave for perfect result. The celery mushroom is effective to add the taste of chicken soup. Instead of mushroom, there are also potatoes for adding the new taste of chicken soup excellently.

2. Low Fat Cream recipe 2 of substitute for cream of chicken soup

Some ingredients which should be prepared are dried onion flakes (2 tbsp), Thyme (1 tsp), non-fat milk (2 c), Beef or chicken bouillon particles (1/4 c), cornstarch (3/4 c), pepper (1/2 tsp) and basil (1 tsp). After all has been ready on kitchen table, all the ingredients are mixed together and finally stored in the sealed container for stiff storage and prevent spoilt food. To make the cream, just mix cold water and the ingredients in only little saucepan and pour a teaspoon butter. Let’s cook until th mold gets hardened.

3. Low Fat Cream Recipe for3

Make sure all the ingredients are ready to mix out. They are non-fat dry milk (2 c), pepper (1/2 tsp), onion flakes (2 tbsp), thyme and basil (1 tsp), cornstarch (3/4) and instant chicken Bouillon (1/4 c). After the ingredients complete, it is better for us to mix all the ingredients into one and store it into airtight container. You can make the substitute for cream of chicken soup with certain measure of water. Slowly but sure, stir over with low temperature until perfect.


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