Cool Electronic Projects

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1) The Black RNG Engine

It is an uncomplicated algorithm which is performed by computer for generating a stream of top quality “random” data. This Black RNG algorithm can be utilized to generate finite quantities of those random data or can shape part of the hybrid RNG to construct streaming data without any limitation on amount.

2) Arduino based Water Tank Depth Sensor

This Arduino based Water Tank Depth Sensor project uses a device which is called differential pressure transducer for measuring the water pressure at bottom of the tank. From that measurement it is calculated how much full the tank is. This water pressure increases by approximately 9.8067kPa per meter of the depth so a full tank of 2 meter tall will have pressure at the bottom of approximately 19.6134kPa above the ambient atmospheric pressure.

3) PicCon: Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller

PicCon is PIC microcontroller based a radio controller, which is designed for the hidden transmitter hunting. This PicCon interfaces to radio transceiver just like packet radio TNC works. This is controlled by audio, which is received from the radio, in a form of the DTMF tones, and operates that radio by controlling Push to Talk (PTT) system while sending some audio in form of tones and the modulated CW Morse code.

4) AVR-based power usage logger

This apparatus monitors the household power usage and also logs it to the SD card. A simple front-end analog amplifier amplifies signals from current and voltage detectors and the ATmega168 microcontroller controls and computes power consumption by the formula of P=V*I. The current and voltage are each sampled at nearly or exact 9615 Hz so integration should be quite accurate even for the highly non-sinusoidal loads like computers or the fluorescent bulbs.

5) Running Dog Robot Project

This electronic project is an ingredient of the Biorobotics research actions at the AILab of the University of Zurich. The major objective of this robot project is to explore a design principle of the biologically stimulated legged running robots. In exacting, this project focuses on the minimalistic model of a rapid locomotion of the quadruped robots inspired by these biomechanics studies. The purpose of this project is, consequently, to achieve a technology for a form of the rapid legged locomotion.

These are the most valuable and exceptional cool electronic projects in recent time of technology.


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