Accelerated Nursing Programs

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The fact of the matter is that the current economic crisis has thrown us all for a loop â many people in established careers are suddenly finding themselves looking for work, and they need their new careers as soon as possible. That coupled with an ongoing nursing shortage that has been building up for years has led many people to turn to accelerated nursing programs to help them get a job in a secure field as fast as possible. These types of programs are being offered by a plethora of colleges and universities, and they are popping up more and more often. In order to qualify for admission to these programs, candidates must already possess a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing related field and meet the minimum academic requirements. Depending upon the accelerated nursing programs guidelines, prospective students may be required to have a specific number of arts/science credits prior to admission and many even have to languish on waiting lists.

If you are considering applying for any accelerated nursing programs, you are generally going to have to be a proficient student with at least a C average in order to graduate and be qualified to apply for a license. These programs give students the foundation they will need in all basic nursing-related subjects, such as biology, anatomy, pharmacology and more. In addition, students will be required to complete a pre-determined number of clinical hours in a variety of health care settings in order to get the experience they will need to do the job in the field as opposed to in a classroom.

These types of accelerated nursing programs are ideal for anyone who meets the requirements is looking for a new career, and who has an interest in the field. After completing the accelerated nursing programs curriculum, graduates may then apply and sit for licensure in their respective state. Upon completion of boards, they are granted an RN license. In addition, many of the credits attained in these programs are transferrable to BSN degrees; programs that can also be accelerated. Of course, not all of these programs are created equal, and it is up to you to do the homework required to ensure that you apply to the best accelerated nursing programs possible to meet both your needs and licensure requirements.


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