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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard the name Britney Spears; the fact of the matter is that the woman has become synonymous with notoriety, and has transformed from a fresh-faced and talented child star to a media train-wreck in front of our collective eyes. 

From her first album, “Oops, I did it Again,” Britney Spears has found herself in a constant spotlight â some of it even good. However, in recent years, she we hear much more about her trials, tribulations and antics than her records â and if history is any indication, we probably will continue to do so.

Only three years after her first album was released (three highly successful years), Britney Spears transformed from the innocent girl next door into a sex-symbol â her ever shrinking costumes drawing ire from the parents of her young fans, and her drunken antics becoming the bread and butter of the gossip columns the world over.

Subsequently, Britney Spears won a Razzie for Worst Actress later, broke up with her long-time beau Justin Timberlake (who infers with no degree of subtlety that she had been unfaithful), and opened a restaurant that failed within a year. 

If that wasn’t enough, after hiding out for a while, Britney Spears then gets married in Vegas to a friend from her childhood â the marriage is quickly annulled â and she follows that up by marrying K-Fed, one of her backup dancers who is already a divorced father of two. Within the next year, she releases a mediocre fragrance, has a failed reality show, and gives birth to a son.

After the birth of her oldest son, Britney Spears found her life spiraling out of control. She had a very public divorce, substance abuse problem spawned from night after night spent partying (or vice versa), and suffered a very public mental breakdown. Then, when it seemed that her career was over, she found herself forcibly detained in a mental hospital and then placed under her father’s guardianship. In the years since, she has released a successful album and seems to be getting her life (and career) together for herself and her boys.


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