Some Funny Jokes

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It is a well-known fact that what is funny to you may not be funny to anyone else â something indicated by telling a flow that results in dead silence (or even worse) widespread offense. Oops. 

While we can’t possible determine which funny jokes will be universally accepted (few if any are), we can keep in mind a few simple tips to make us more successful amateur comedians â the life of the party, if you will.

One of the first elements to telling a successful joke is utilizing the element of surprise â if something comes out of left field, chances are it is going to elicit laughs, if for no other reason than shock factor alone. This doesn’t just apply to verbal funny jokes â any behavior that is outside the norm can be pretty funny.

Another tool in the funny jokes arsenal is exaggeration. Depending on your audience, just blowing something way out of proportion (whether it be the price at the pump to the size of a butt) chances are you can get a few genuine laughs. I mean, we all remember the “Yo Mama” jokes, right?? Still funny.

Strangely enough, some of the best funny jokes of all are those that are based on truth. Maybe not everybody’s truth, but somebody’s. This is how so many stereotypical jokes have managed to last as long as they have â they are based on somebody’s idea of what is the truth and/or they are believed to be truth by people who don’t know any better. 

If you want to tell truly funny jokes, you can’t be afraid to make fun of yourself a bit. And the further you are willing to take it, the funnier you will be. Whatever your weakness â from OCD to a penchant for mom-jeans, if you are willing to be the butt of your own jokes, chances are you are going to find an audience more than willing to laugh at them.

One of the single best ways to tell funny jokes is to do it deadpan â as though it’s not meant to be funny at all, just a humorless casual observation. 


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