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Hurt Tooth, What to do?

How do I know if I need treatment?

As with any oral trauma, you should consult your dentist immediately to determine if it’s necessary to get treatment.
Your dentist will examine the affected area and probably take x-rays.
If you feel pain as a result of a broken or chipped tooth take a generic analgesic, if all possible take the tooth that was broken and take it to our dentist.
If you lost a tooth because of a blow or accident take the tooth to your dentist as soon as possible. The tooth may probably be re-implanted.

Odontologic treatment:

Chipped tooth. If you don’t feel pain and the chip is small, you should decide how or when you will repair the tooth. Depending on size, your dentist will smooth or correct it cosmetically. Other treatments include re-dressing, crowns, and restorations. If a restored tooth or an artificial one is chipped, it must be replaced.

Broken teeth can and should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. On occasion it will be necessary to have treatment called radicular conduit or to extract the tooth. If the fracture affects the enamel and the tooth’s Dentyne, the best treatment is usually a crown.
Please take into consideration that fractures are not always visible, even in x-rays.

Symptoms tend to be: pain when chewing and sensibility to food and cold or hot liquids, as well as air.
As time goes by these symptoms can accentuate.

Lost teeth because of blows or accidents.

The key to re-insert a tooth satisfactorily is to re-implant it on the alveoli as soon as possible each minute that passes, more cells on the root of the tooth die. If at all possible, do not touch the tooth and go to your dentist as soon as possible.
Take the tooth by the crown only and do not let it dry by placing it on water or milk. Re-implanting has better possibility of success if the tooth that was taken out by accident is re-implanted in the first 30 minutes.
These success possibilities will decrease as time goes by.

Lost teeth, either extracted by a dentist or lost by accident must be replaced. This way you will prevent the following problems:

Difficulty chewing and speaking, change in position of the other teeth. Temporomandibular articulation disorder provoked by intense chewing on the side were more teeth are and consequently debilitating the mandibular bone. The options to replace lost teeth are bridges, prosthesis and dental implants.

Broken jaw:

If you suspect that someone has a broken jaw, do not move him. Secure jaw in place with a handkerchief or a tie or a towel around the head. Use cold compresses to reduce swelling if it is present go to the emergency hospital or call your dentist.


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