Motion Control Running Shoes

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If you are an avid runner, or even if you are not, chances are you have seen or at least heard of the new wave of futuristic running shoes sweeping the market. Indeed, it seems that almost every day you will see something newer and greater that promises to boost your workout efforts, help you get (or stay) in shape with minimal effort, and (frankly) make you look cooler than everyone else on the jogging trail. Leading the pack are the newly introduced motion control running shoes that more and more manufacturers are plugging out â at a cost of a couple hundred dollars or more per pair retail. 

Most people assume that “high tech” and “expensive” equal effective, and more importantly, beneficial. Unfortunately, a shoes price or ad campaign doesn’t guarantee results, and in fact, doesn’t even guarantee that these motion control running shoes may not do you more harm than good. In fact, according to many orthopedists, these newfangled motion control running shoes may even strain and twist your joints in such a way, however subtle, that they may actually be doing damage and causing you long-term harm.

Of course, just because running in these shoes may cause damage doesn’t mean that you should skip your morning jog. However, it is important to be your own advocate and do a little research before you lace up a pair of shoes and potentially cause yourself incalculable â and lifelong â harm. If you are going to plunk down a couple hundred dollars on a pair of futuristic motion control running shoes, it is imperative that you understand exactly how they are impacting your natural stride, how this impact is affecting your bones, and what you need to do to counteract any potential negative effects.

Dissecting your motion control running shoes can be a time consuming process â often requiring the assistance of some specialized equipment and/or an experienced orthopedist to determine. However, in the long run, if it keeps you from being bedridden at 50, it’s a small price to pay. The bottom line is that while you may get some impressive benefits from the use of motion control running shoes, you need to be your own advocate to ensure that you don’t become a victim of the latest fad.


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