Web Designs And The Importance of Colors

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If you have not studied graphic design or art at school or simply do not have the natural eye for it; it is quite hard to choose colors for use in web designs. Most of us think that the colors on any web page are not relevant but this is untrue. If in doubt, ask yourself these simple questions:

– What are the colors associated with cold or hot?

– What are the colors you associate with happiness?

Just like colors induce certain emotions or guide sensations in the real world, similarly they do the same through a web design. The colors that you choose for your web designs communicate with visitors on the web page. It is hence important to use colors in web design carefully, for incorrect usage can totally disadvantageous to your message.

Using basic colors in web designs

Most of these tips are plain common sense but it is important to mention them. For instance, when you choose colors for the text and the background, make sure the two contrast well enough to render the text readable. Text links is another usability factor. As a standard the color blue is used in web designs to denote any links. Since web users are habitual to this color pattern, it would make sense not to deviate from it.

Color associations for your web design

It is important to know your target audience before you begin choosing the colors for your web design. When you know your user and his perceptions well enough, the colors you use in your web design will surely communicate with him. This could get complicated when you deal with audience across borders. In such cases, you would do better sticking with neutral hues. Here is a list of colors and their associations. Ask yourself the most important question which is whether your audience will identify with the color association and if it will be an advantage for your message.

1.The color red signifies fire, strength, leadership, intensity, passion, desire, heat and drama

2.Pink is associated with romance, affection, passivity, feminity, sweetness and peace

3.Orange denotes energy, friendliness, vibrancy, warmth, flamboyance and joy

4.Yellow stands for cheer, cooperation, brightness, light, imagination and optimism

5.Green is for healing, abundance, growth, earth, money, nature and youth

6.The color blue has its association with wisdom, calm, tranquility, communication, protection and loyalty

7.Purple is a color for self-assurance, wealth, majesty, influence, pscyhe and extravagance

Synchronizing colors in web deign

Now that you understand how important colors are to your web design, you would want to make sure all visitors see the same colors across al browser settings. It is simply impossible to ensure similar color experience for all users since they will be using different browsers, monitors, operating systems and light settings. However, you can minimize this issue with:

1. Do not use complex colors. Simple colors have less variation form one user to another since the hexadecimal triplet for these has duplicated numbers.

2. Keep your color palette limited. Nothing could look very wrong to a variety of users if a few colors are used in the web design.

3. If you have doubts about the colors to use in your web design, just Google ‘browser safe palette’ for support.


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