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For a business to be successful, it is important to get customer insights. An understanding of the customer helps you adapt the style of your business and also helps you advertise in a way that attracts more clients to expand your customer base.

Unfortunately, web developers do not have the luxury to get customer insights through face to face interactions that offer the best and deepest understanding of customers, their behaviors and requirements. Web developers can hence use one of these indirect methods to get customer insights:

Track traffic on your website

The first step to get customer insights is to keep track of traffic on your website. Your web hosting company should be able to give you free reports on this. Analyze these traffic reports to get information about visitors and trends in traffic. Once you are familiar with this report, you will get customer insights that allow you to modify your website to suit trends and customer requirements. For example, if you get a number of visitors from India, go ahead and add features that attract more Indians to ensure they return to your website. Traffic tracking also lets you assess how fruitful are your advertisements and promotional campaigns and if they are profitable for you.

If your web hosting company does not offer reports, you could check your log files. The web hosting service has a directory termed ‘Logs’ and the most recent file will help you analyze visitor location, what pages they viewed, the time spent on each page and also the links that get you the most visitors. Some E-commerce sites recover information on products that are sold, where they are sold and also where during the process the customer bailed out. This is the best way to get customer insights.

Get E-mail Addresses

Keep in touch with your customers when you give them incentives like free e-books, articles or newsletters for registering on your website. If you offer services through your website, customers can register for free consultation of short durations. Via all these efforts you can gather emails and your visitors can check out your services.

Use these emails for contacting potential customers and stay in touch through special offers and discounts.

Customer feedback

The best way to get customer insights is through gathering direct feedback. Ask them about their expectations and requirements. You can develop customer database through your website and build mailing lists and user profiles. When asking for feedback to get customer insights, make sure you respond to messages or you may alienate them. Once you have analyzed responses, you will be able to develop solutions to common problems. When you show genuine concern for customer issues, they reciprocate through loyalty to your brand.

Get customer insights attract your customer’s interest, increase your profits and expand your customer base. In short, if you want to get success with your web business, it is imperative to get customer insights today!


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