What Do You Know About On Page Optimization?

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SEO or search engine optimization is very essential in our times. With the number of websites begin launched increasing by the hour; search engines are getting increasingly cramped. If you are looking for your website to catch a reader’s eye, it is important that you use SEO. One of the parts of SEO is On Page Optimization and this has a direct impact on your website or the page. What this means is that the content on your website should be such that it ranks high in the results pages of search engines. In online lingo, this is referred to as SERP or search engine result page.

On page optimization is the basic step towards making sure you get high traffic on your web page making it a vital feature of SEO. Some of the factors that make an effective on page optimization are discussed here:

⢠The frequency of keywords in the content of your website including in the title, headings and the URL make it easier for a search engine to locate your webpage. Make sure you include keywords that are relevant to your website content and are associated with the subject. It is also important to uniformly distribute the keywords through the content.

⢠Your webpage could be overcrowded due to irrelevant HTML codes. Reducing the number of HTML codes is a part of on page optimization.

⢠Another area to focus with on page optimization is content. You must ensure original and relevant content on your webpages. When search engines detect plagiarized content, it is highly unlikely that your website will be included in the search result pages. So, content remains the king here!

All the points discussed above come in play when making effective on page optimization. Once you take care of these, you will be able to ensure a good rank for your website in search engine result page. A few important aspects of on page optimization need special mention here. These are the content or the text and the title of your webpage.

The Title: Since this is the heading of the website, it is the identity of your site for a web surfer. If you have multiple pages, it makes sense to give a new title to each page. This impresses the reader before the content is even read! Keep the title crisp and precise with the word count within 12 â 14 words. On page optimization also means summing up your content in this title. An informative as well as interesting title really helps as this is how the name of your website will appear on search engine result pages.

The Content: The main purpose of this is information. Though SEO is important, it is important for on page optimization that the grammar or syntax should not be compromised. Any sloppy work with forced keywords is a sure turn off for a reader.

As long as you keep these in mind, on page optimization will be a breeze ensuring a good ranking for your webpage on all SERPs


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