Why Marketers Choose Facebook Pages

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Facebook has proven to be the best way to get together people of similar interests. You can either organize them in facebook groups or facebook pages. Recently, facebook has also presented itself as a platform where businesses launch their marketing campaigns.

Whether it is a Facebook page or group, they help in the launch of these marketing campaigns. There is a thin line differentiating one from the other though. Where Facebook pages allow businesses or public figures broadcast their views and messages to fans; facebook groups work best for projects of short periods. It is a difficult choice since both make for an effective campaign. In order to make a clear decision, marketers are choosing facebook pages rather than the groups.

Here are the four main reasons why marketing campaigns target Facebook pages and not groups:

1. With Facebook pages, marketers are allowed to publish their messages to the stream getting them the most visibility. What this means for a business owner is instant feedback from users. Facebook pages allow access to News Feeds. You are also able to get feedback instantly every time you upload a photo, video, update or link. It is not the same with groups. There are effective communication options with groups as well like uploading videos or photos and sending messages or starting a discussion but these do not make to the News Feeds.

2. Facebook pages also help in increasing search engine optimization and get your organization a good ranking with Google search. For all facebook pages, big organizations get vanity URLs.

3. Facebook pages have more access to a website’s homepage and to media than the groups. This means that marketers have the opportunity of engaging fans with rich media. The facebook page can hence be used much more creatively. Facebook pages have better integration with publishers that helps in determining the interests of fans, promote interaction with fans and also host live events.

4. Facebook pages also have Insight Dashboards that help marketers analyze fan interaction with graphs. These graphs show all comments and wall posts and the volume of interaction from fans. This now also shows quality rating with new counts of active fans offering every detail of the fan.

It is very important for all businesses and organizations to find out how users and fans interact with their content, irrespective of whether these are huge corporations or small non-profit organizations. Due to their wide visibility and access to media, facebook pages are soon becoming the best platform for marketers. With the new analytical tools that facebook pages offer benefit in increasing SEO too, rendering it an integrated experience for the user. No doubt then facebook pages have become a vital social media tool for marketing.


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