Black Hat Seo Techniques For All

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Most online marketers believe they can earn quick money through internet marketing. Though this is true that marketing can increase revenues, it takes its own time. It takes money and time in order to get the required search engine optimization techniques. You get guaranteed results but these are not immediate either. Sadly, there are numerous companies that use black hat SEO techniques, something that is discouraged by the SEO community. You must be knowledgeable about these black hat SEO techniques and avoid them.

What is ‘Black Hat’ SEO technique?

There are many ways by which you can distinguish between a black hat SEO technique and an accepted strategy. However, it could be difficult for a new marketer to avoid these unlawful traps. Since these promise quick results, new users are easily tempted as well; however, these black hat SEO techniques are either short lived or the results never come!

Here are some common indicators to show you that the strategy is a black hat SEO technique:

1. It will disregard all rules and regulations of search engines

2. It leaves no room for growth and experience

3.All content is presented in an unprofessional manner to search engine spiders

Some common black hat SEO techniques

If you are new to online marketing and are looking for all the ways to launch your online business, it is essential that you learn about the different black hat SEO techniques. There was a time when all these techniques were considered legitimate but today are shunned by the entire community on internet marketing due to the abuse. These black hat SEO techniques are used to get unfair leverage and exploit all search engines taking away from ethical online marketers.

1. Doorway Pages â This is a kind of black hat SEO technique were false pages are used that the user will never be able to see. These are merely for search engine spiders and trick them into indexing the site placing it on the top ranks of the engine.

2. Keyword Stuffing âThis black hat SEO technique involves using exhaustive keyword lists on the webiste in order to get top rankings on search engines. This is completely against all rules and regulations of search engines and is hence penalized.

3. Invisible text â This one attracts search engine spiders by typing in white color on a background that is white in color too.

There are many black hat SEO techniques that you may come across. It is important that you make sure the search engine optimization professionals you hire only follow ethical practices. Black hat SEO techniques are penalized and you will only be wasting your marketing funds on them. It will make more sense to use practices that are acceptable rather than wasting your money and time on these black hat SEO techniques.


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