Tips For Parents – Internet Safety For Kids

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The internet is really helpful for school going kids when they are looking for information and it increases their learning skills. No doubt then that kids spend enough time on the internet. However, there is so much explicit content on the web as well like pornography. There are also numerous videos uploads on websites like youtube that are not suitable for children. Your kid could even be chatting with total strangers and could be sharing personal information with them! Is there a way to ensure internet safety for kids from these and similar activities when they are on the internet? It is essential to keep a tab on what your kids do online, who they talk with and what details they share with others when online. Keep abreast with what all your kid can see and hear on the internet if you are looking for internet safety for kids. Find out what all your kid does when on the internet, here are a few ways to do it:

1.Check the history tab on your internet browser to see the websites your child has visited. You could discuss internet safety for kids with them before doing this. Give them a chance by openly asking them what all websites have they visited. If you get a confident answer, all is well; however, if you find that your kid is nervous answering your question, it could be something to worry about. This is when you can go ahead and check the browser history for some detective work.

2.Take care not to leave your laptop or the computer in the children’s room. It will be helpful to keep the computer in a common area like the living room. This way you can keep an eye on all the internet activities and ensure internet safety for kids.

3.If you want to check the web surfing history, you must log on to the computer with the same user name that your child uses. Go on to internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox to check for websites that have been saved as favorites. Additionally, check all websites in the history tab.

4.Another way to enable internet safety for kids is to use monitoring software that alert parents any time your child is on an inappropriate website.

Before you take any of these steps towards internet safety for kids, consider this:

â¢Make sure you discuss your internet safety for kids’ concerns and any rules with your kid before hand.

â¢Whenever you decide to install and use monitoring software, it would be a lot easier if you let your children know.

Even though these are some ways to ensure internet safety for kids; it is always advisable to keep your kids in the loop. Discuss your rules with them and trust them enough to let them know of your internet safety for kids’ decisions and steps. Your kids will definitely want to earn your trust and keep it!


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