Looking For Quality Web Directories?

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When you begin promoting your website, the first thing you need to do is to submit it to a number of web directories. This helps in increasing the traffic on your website especially if these are web directories that are frequently visited through the day and enable people to discover your website. So, are you looking for good quality web directories where you can submit your website?

If you begin searching for web directories online, you will definitely find an infinite number of choices so you need to understand how to separate the good ones from the bad ones. Here are some tips to help you select good web directories:

Check the page ranking: you may want to know the ranking for the web directories that you are looking for. A higher page rank means that the directory is popular and gets you more visitors per day then other web directories. There are so many of these web directories that are not even ranked by Yahoo! or Google and do not make for the best ones for submission as these are not visited frequently or do not comply with search engine rules and regulations. If you get involved with web directories that are barred by search engines for reasons like spamming then you could get lumped in as well resulting in receiving search engine penalties yourself!

Rates of web directories: while some web directories are absolutely free, some others charge a few dollars and big names like Yahoo! will require you to pay hundreds of dollars annually just for being listed. You need to dig deep and see the offers to make sure it is worth the amount you are paying. Spend some time and visit several sites that are listed on the web directory to check for professionalism. Mostly the company that the directory keeps can tell you all about those who run the directory.

Relevant place for submission: If you find a web directory that has no or low cost and also has great page ranking, make sure that there is a relevant place for you to submit your website. You could be doing yourself no good if you list dog food with a web directory that lists cell phone companies! To make matters worse, you could be penalized by big search engines like Yahoo! or Google because of not showing relevancy!

Number of submissions: number of submissions goes hand in hand with page views. Web directories that only show about a dozen submission means not many visitors are hitting every day. When you find such web directories, it is not worth the time.

It is a great way of marketing your website when you use web directories but you need to ensure that these are good quality directories that help you get the most out of your campaign.


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