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Most companies have to face the difficult task of authoring Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). This could be due to a number of reasons ranging from a limited amount of Material Safety Data Sheets to author annually or limited budget for software or even lack of expertise, time or staff that is overburdened. All of these factors add to the obstacles in the way of Material Safety Data Sheet authoring. To make the process of material safety data sheet authoring easier a chemical company should contact with the Chemical Regulatory compliance company.

Here are the specifications and items that you need to provide the regulatory authorities in order to author a Material safety data sheet:

1.Material safety data sheet can be compliant in several countries, which one are you looking for?

2. Mention the language you would like the Material safety data sheet to be authored in.

3. So that the composite can be analyzed in details, you must provide the complete formulation of products inlcuding 

The name of every component of the formulation

The corresponding CAS number for each of these components

The percentage range of each component

4. If there is any existing material safety sheet data or a technical data sheet that contains any chemical or physical specifications like flashpoint, odor, pH, color or flammability.

After the material safety data sheet is completely authored, there are some more things that the chemical product supplier needs to ensure:

1. The buyer of the products must have complete access to the complete material safety data sheet at the time of purchase.

2. Also ensure that the material safety data sheet that you offer to the buyer is in the appropriate official language of the jurisdiction. If as a supplier this was not specified to you, then the language in which you communicate the Data sheet is acceptable. If the supplier is requested to supply the data sheet in more than one language, he must comply. This could mean multiple material safety data sheets in all the languages of the jurisdiction.

3. If the material safety data sheet is made available on the internet, it should be a readable format once downloaded. No section or pages should be missing from the data sheet and it should be in its final and complete form comparable to a paper copy.

4. The download or exchange of the material safety data sheet should be at the time of sale.

When all these requirements have been met, the buyer can provide a written consent about the receipt of all documents.


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