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Web experts have predicted that search engines will soon be able to offer search results in real time. This makes it important to know some tips for Twitter SEO. Most companies have already begun started to optimize their profiles on Twitter and begun to build links that will rank higher on search engines. However, this concept of Twitter SEO is quite new to all those who are using Twitter to get visibility for their online businesses. If you want to get on board too, here are some tips for Twitter SEO.

Create a Username: When you create a username on Twitter, choose one that reflects your business rather than your nickname that fails to describe you. Incorporate these two things in your username to ensure Twitter SEO â inclusion of a relevant keyword and easy to remember.

Keep the account name different from username: Your chosen username must reflect the nature of your business. When you choose an account name that is different from the username, you are able to optimize the use of keywords and hence add to the marketing of your business.

Profile optimization: The best Tip for Twitter SEO is to optimize your profile with the use of relevant keywords. The meta description to your business and expertise must be keyword rich since these are the lines that are indexed through search engines and are available for all to read.

Make each Tweet optimized: Twitter SEO will be relevant very soon, now that search engines like Yahoo! will have Tweets available real-time. Hence, you should be using relevant keywords in all your messages. Refrain from overstuffing your messages with keywords or these will be considered as spam but keywords strategically. The best Twitter SEO tip would be to use strategic placed keywords within high quality content.

Create tweets that can be resent: User friendly retweets should be easy when you make sure not to use the maximum number of characters in your messages. For Twitter SEO, tweet with good content that is keyword rich and in a manner that allows users to retweet.

Get tiny URLs: You can direct users on Twitter back to your content with shortened links. Since SEO is partially about building high quality links, short URLs have significant Twitter SEO value. Twitter can also move up your Alexa ratings in case you are successful in sending Twitter users back to your website.

Practicing these Twitter SEO tips will help you set up your business for future search engine changes. For now, remember to keep up the consistent communication with followers and other members on Twitter.


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