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We know that story telling is one of the old art forms from history. In old times, tribes would get together for story telling about past, their legends and their gods. This is how stories were taught and handed down to the younger generation. Story telling can hence be included into a module for an Elearning tool. This is an essential part of Elearning tools because many such modules spread information through a more colorful manner.

A story gives a lesson a colorful meaning, so it makes it a useful Elearning tool. It adds flavors to what is beign taught and changes the learners experience towards the lesson. What are people’s reactions towards such issues? What does it suggest?

It never implies that a story is necessary in every lesson. However you must think in the story’s terms. Sometimes a module’s lesson may seem like interrelated facts in a bland manner. When students go through such an Elearning tool, they may feel like it is a rote module. This is what happens in corporate trainings and hence their lessened popularity. Teaching has become a job of mere fact, theory and law telling. No doubt then the students or trainees do not feel connected to the training material. It is important for students to see the bigger picture and relate their own experiences through Elearning tools.

At the beginning of the module or the class, the context must be introduced through Elearning tools. In every lesson, each important point must have a constant reminder for the trainees and students. There should come a point within the lesson when the teacher suddenly moves away from the conventional and brings in a story and changes the perspective altogether. This does not imply a story per say but it could simply be bringing in real life situations that are affecting the world. Every subject and every lesson can thus be interjected with similat Elearning tools that make a difference.

Not only academic subjects but even employee trainings can see drastic change with Elearning tools. Since these trainings can be really bland and boring, Elearning tools work the best as employee training tools.

Developers of these modules or trainees must work on the Elearning tools with addition of special effects that spice it up. Add some designs that are pleasing to the eye and games or quizzes that distract trainees. Eye catching designs and material that is relevant yet fun will help take the bitter pill of training much more easily. Elearning tools can make training fun for trainers as well as for those being trained.


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