Alternative to The Poor Paying Ptc Sites

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As many people search for online earning opportunities on Internet daily many of them are wrongly advised to work with PTC websites. I say wrongly because PTC sites cannot produce any kind of stable income that will even take care of your pocket money generally. This is what I found after learning it the hard way. So I’d mention two sites here that are different and much more beneficial than general PTC sites. I’d also mention only one PTC site that is a little different from the conventional ones and I found it worth working with, I’ve said goodbye to the rest.

Firstly, there are mainly two kinds of PTC websites: Aurora sites and Bux sites. Aurora sites are more stable compared to Bux sites and less prone to being scam but their pay is very less and specifically for less targeted countries. The value of ad clicks get as low as 0.001$ to 0.0001$. Clicking such ads endlessly is a total waste of time. You might find that even after one hour of clicking you haven’t earned a cent, that’s how useless it is. If you have a large active referral base and an upgraded member and from one of the targeted countries then probably you have an option of earning good money from such sites if they are not scam but that is taking too many possibilities into consideration and almost rare of sorts. It is very hard to maintain an active referral base unless you know of special methods of doing it, as many members of such sites turn inactive gradually depleting the referral count to a great degree. Also being upgraded has its pitfalls, if the site turns to scam then you’ll lose all your money. Hence it is best to stay away from such sites and save your energy and money.

Only one site I found is different from the rest. Its name is CashnHits. Though it is an aurora site but it has several opportunities of earning. It has some high paying video ads even for standard members and the cost of upgrading is not much. The Admin of the site is an honest and a very nice and helpful person and has been running the site successfully and paying everyone honestly for two years. I say that because I’ve interacted with him many times personally over different matters. I have been paid several times by the site. The lowest cost of upgrading is only 5$ for one year which I’ve purchased and with the kind of ads present on the site I earn up to about 10 cents on a single day with almost no referrals at all. I don’t know of any other Aurora site that will pay me that much. But there are some strict instructions that one must follow while viewing the ads, which are just a caution and not used high-handedly and if one is willing to earn then that is the least one can do. So if anybody has an iota of love left for the PTC sites then one should try out this site.

Bux sites on the other hand are better paying than the aurora sites but are much more unstable. Even clicks of non-upgraded members get to one cent per click with four to five daily ads to click. But since such sites are very much prone to scam, almost a little less than HYIPs, hence working with such sites can hurt you badly. Of the bux sites that run currently only Neobux has stayed online for four years but that too has now even reduced its click value to such an extent that it has become like an aurora site and completely useless for ordinary members. The cost of upgrading in Neobux is very high (90$) and those who had already taken that risk are still hanging out with them to make that money count but with regular members leaving on a daily basis I don’t see it happening unless one have already got more returns prior to the sudden drop. The other numbers change like musical chairs every six months or a year and you won’t even notice probably which one is the latest scam since it is so much common.

So I was looking for a site that is different from a conventional PTC site till I found a site called LogiPTC. It pays for viewing and clicking ads on advertisers sites but with high click rates for certain ads. But there is a mad rush for clicking such ads and in all probability there is a fair chance that someone else will click the ads before you do and you’d be left with a blank page giving you that message. Still you get ads good enough to earn about 5 to 10 cents per day. The payout is 5$ and the site is paying honestly for over a year and there is no chance of being scam anytime soon as it is getting its profit from the advertisers. So the site is stable definitely but since there is a mad rush for clicking so it might end up wasting more time than making it worthwhile. So I tried this site for a while and left it for this very reason.

Next I came to know about a site, which is one of the other two sites that I mentioned about discussing in the beginning. The other one is its sister site. The name of the site is Ayuwage. It is similar to LogiPTC in concept with more and better options. Even though the rushes of clicking ads are here also but the page is reserved for you for 10 minutes of you logging in. So you get ample time to click most of the ads, maybe you’ll miss a few but after gaining a lot. There are many ads that are worth one and a half cent; others are worth half a cent and some other lesser ads. In a total day this site can give you up to 20 cents or more for clicking ads only. To add to that you can earn by joining survey sites, search sites and signing up for some special sites. The payout of the site is 5$ and I reached the payout in just a few weeks without a single referral! Now that is something totally unheard of on Internet and this is no scam. They have paid every member abiding by the rules of clicking or viewing the ads or other kind of offers. Even investigating sites like PTC Investigation has given it a thumb up. People from certain targeted countries can earn even more from this site as some advertisers specifically stress on that. On a whole there is scope of earning good for everybody.

It has launched a sister site recently which is known as InnoCurrent. It might look a bit awkward as though the script and concept is exactly the same as Ayuwage but the page is much smaller looking with not much scripts added. But it doesn’t matter as only the earning matters. I have already earned more than a dollar in about a week from this site. So I hope to earn the same here what I earn from Ayuwage and increase the earnings.

I hope more such sites come about and we bid a final goodbye to the pittance paying and scam prone PTC sites forever. At least that way the misguidance that many people give of joining useless PTC sites through their blogs will stop. Some might do it even then shamelessly but they’d have to shut those down eventually with no takers and I hope that the Google crawlers would dump those then.


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