Moving From a ‘diet’ to a ‘lifestyle’

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y making small changes to your food choices and incorporating a little exercise, you can increase your energy level to build and maintain muscle, while burning and losing fat. This will be gradual rather than dramatic, but you will eventually notice your clothes feeling looser, your waistline becoming slimmer and an increase in your energy level.

Rather than gaining a few pounds each year like most people, you will lose a little weight and maintain your weight loss each year. Friends who you haven’t seen for a while will be impressed by your appearance. Best of all, you will not have shocked your body with a starvation diet, but instead have been feeding it appropriate amounts of better food while giving it the exercise it needs for health.

In order to lose weight, you must reduce your intake of calories and increase your output of energy with exercise. If you do not see changes, then reducing portion sizes should help, while still exercising.

Don’t do it alone

Research shows that people are often more successful when they lose weight with a friend or a group.

More is better

When your weight-loss plan includes healthy foods that are supplemented with snacks, you’ll have more success, because you don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. If you eat smaller portions and eat more often, you will stimulate your metabolism to speed-up, which will burn more calories, so you’re more likely to continue your new eating plan and lose more weight overall.

Why Diets Ultimately Don’t Work

Diets are designed to starve your body. They turn your body catabolic, which means it goes into a state of breaking-down, where your body eats itself from within. This results in you losing weight, but only because your body must eat itself to survive, as you are not giving it enough food to function. What else would you expect to happen if  you starved something?

Dieting is a short-term solution, as when you return to eating normally, your body stores the calories for a later date, because it doesn’t know when you might starve it again, which results in you gaining weight. Then you go on a diet again. Once you are on this cycle, you are doomed to keep gaining weight in the long-term.

By significantly reducing your calorie intake, diets can cause untold internal damage to your body, which will manifest itself in later life. In the short-term, they weaken your immune system, making you vulnerable to illness and viruses. As a result of the sudden reduction in your food consumption, your body lacks energy, so it sources fuel and  nourishment from itself, by feeding upon your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and anything that will keep it  functioning, thereby weakening your whole body.

While you are on a diet and you are starving your body every day, it creates confusion inside your body, because you have suddenly cut-off the normal supply of fuel, which it relies upon to function, survive and give you life.

The long-term damage of dieting, where you are choosing and paying to starve your body, is immeasurable. If you imagine your body as a brick wall, while it is catabolic on a diet, it is breaking-down and weakening each brick of your wall,  which will eventually render your whole wall weak and at serious risk of collapse. In reality, your whole body becomes very weak and begins to shut-down, which can shorten your life-span.

The healthiest way to lose your excess weight  is by keeping your body predominantly in an anabolic state, where it is building and becoming stronger, while being educated to use-up your excess weight, which will strengthen your immune system, make you stronger and give you more energy.

If you educate your body to know what food it will receive consistently, giving it only what it needs, it won’t feel the need to store calories for emergencies such as diets. This helps you maintain a consistent weight, rather than continually fluctuating.

All you need to do, is create a lifestyle for yourself that combines :

  • Proper food (not processed or man-made) cooked in the right way

  • Exercise regularly (in the right way for you)

  • Ensure that you give your body enough rest, because it only repairs and builds when it is resting.

This will help you to lose your excess weight and maintain a consistent weight, give you more energy, increase your fitness level, make you healthier and may increase your life-span.

Solution: Get More Active

Your first step to improve your health and appearance is to begin regular exercise. The exercise need only be easyto-moderate intensity for weight management and involve activities that you enjoy such as walking, biking or swimming. You just need to be more active 2-3 days of the week and maintain that activity for 30-60 minutes each time.

Solution: Make Simple Changes to your Eating Habits

Find a calorie reduction you can make for a week. Perhaps it is drinking one less can of soft drink each day, or having low-fat milk in your coffee instead of cream. Replace a bag of crisps with a piece of fruit. Make a calorie reduction each week for the next six weeks and you will have made a significant change in your eating habits. Don’t think in terms of depriving yourself of foods you love, but eliminate foods that you don’t really like, which give you empty calories and find healthier foods that will give you sustained energy, which you can enjoy for the rest of your life.


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