Beautify Your Home With Window Covers

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Window coverings can add or detract from room décor. While many of us grew up with pinch pleated curtains, the cost of these coverings, often needing to be custom made, can be prohibitive today. There are other reasons a less pricey option can be a great choice. If the shades are going to be used in a child’s room which will change decoration as the child grows, a renter or short timer in your current residence, or have rooms with different sized windows, Roman blinds are a great choice.

Today’s blinds are not the older plastic-like blinds that yellowed on the window and needed to be covered by another treatment. Roman blinds today come an every combination of material and natural products. Using combinations of natural materials such as tea leaves and cotton, these blinds come in every color and thickness. Roman blinds also come in bamboo and other wood types, allowing the creation of a very natural looking window if you choose. Even better, today’s Roman blinds come in materials that can totally block out light if needed in a bedroom or study. Yet, with an easy pull on a cord, you can flood the room with light.

Given the wide range of color and materials, Roman blinds with easily blend in with any type of room color and furniture. Use of the right color can help bring out the accents in your room. Given the choices of solid colors, weaves and prints, your windows will become a highlight of your room. Or, you can match the color of the room and have the windows disappear into the background. Blinds can even be custom made to match your bedspread or sofa, still saving a great deal over other types of window coverings.

Roman blinds come in flat designs or hobbled designs. The flat designs when closed cover the window area and lie flat against the pane. When this type of shade is opened, the shade will form several folds as it is pulled up, resulting in repeating patterns that add to the ambiance of the room. When closed, the shade will resume its flat appearance.

If a more structured look is desired for your windows, hobbled Roman blinds may be just the ticket. These blinds come with extra material resulting in artistic folds in the blinds when pulled down. Available choices include large several folds at the bottom of the blind, or small folds throughout. These folds can give a cool accent to a room and make your windows sparkle. A bit more than flat Roman blinds, this type of blind is still a good investment. These blinds will add several more folds when you pull them up.

Roman blinds can easily meet all window treatment needs in an elegant and economical manner. Like so many things, what was old has become new again.


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