Spd Chief Minister Sigmar Gabrie

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Interview with Gabriel on the results of the Brussels emergency summit and the mid-term review of the ChancellorMr. Gabriel, are the leaders of the Euro-zone in Brussels of its responsibility for the common currency and the future of Europe were justified?

Sigmar Gabriel: The Heads of State and Government have come at least one big step further than in the past 18 months. It is now the fundamental willingness to stand up for common problem states such as Greece or Portugal. The Chancellor has refused and rejected long-chairman of the FDP strictly one more day before the summit. Today they finally do what the SPD calls for more than a year. To be welcomed is that the package not only to new loans but also investments in the economic development of Europe belong.

Are you assuming that Euro-crisis calmed down?

I hope the course. But we have to wait and see whether the proposed debt relief in a sufficient amount of 20 percent, so that Greece can service its debt back on their own. The five farming practices are jointly calling for the federal government adopted a decree on 50 percent. Uncertainty also still those investments. The best way would be to introduce a sales tax for the financial markets.

What is now the solution found for the German tax-payers?

Because Mrs. Merkel wants to save the financial markets to pay the German and European tax payers. That is the real injustice. Because these financial markets are indeed to blame for the disaster. They earn the most at € and in globalization and have to do it. Each baker, every retailer must pay tax on his goods. Not only the speculators in the financial markets. As long as they do not have to contribute something, all things depend on the taxpayers. And by the hesitation and reluctance of euro-zone countries over the past 18 months for which the Chancellor is largely responsible for the rescue operation has also become even more unnecessarily expensive. Exact figures can not now call, but it is certain that burdens on Germany will be in the billions. Nevertheless, I say: There is no alternative. Germany is an export nation. Us, it’s only good if it also goes well our neighbors, so they can buy our products. And so we will accept the package, even if not all our demands are met.

We must recognize that a common currency means shared responsibility and liability, and that therefore the political cooperation in Europe must be strengthened considerably?

One can have no common currency without a common fiscal and tax policy. Shared responsibility also means that the community gets the right to interfere in the politics of deficit sinners to intervene and prevent them from making further debt.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday held a very positive mid-term review of the black-yellow government. Germany is going better than before. Do you agree?

Because 8 million workers in Germany can only shake my head. They have nothing that is from the boom, on the contrary: they have even lost 20 percent, while the top managers have approved just 20 percent plus. Ms Merkel is now living in their own world. In a situation in which the distance to the German policy is greater than ever before to adopt a voice-and helpless-Chancellor in the summer break. 25 percent of employees are disengaged from the boom, eight million people live in poverty despite working. And the other pressing tasks – from nursing to education, from skills shortages to the disastrous state of our cities – remain unsolved, because the CDU / CSU and FDP in two years instead of just fighting to govern. Angela Merkel’s black-yellow coalition is halfway through the term already at the end.


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