Riding Women And Horses

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I was taught horse riding at the Academy. It was a wonderful experience.  I still remember my riding instructor Bawa Singh who put me through my paces. It was always a pleasure to control the bucking horse and as I clung to the horse with my legs clasped tightly around its flanks, gave me a feeling of tremendous elation. The horse did throw me down a couple of times, but that was when I was a novice. Once I was the master the horse was my docile pal.

 Later I had a string of girl friend, can’t help it when you hold the Presidents commission.  Yes! My Air Force monogram on my blazer did the trick. It advertised me and I needed no introduction.   But now with the passage of time I have found that riding is an art, both while riding a woman or a horse. Both experiences are to be savored and I wonder whether my stray thoughts on this subject will interest the reader.

A horse is meant to be ridden and so is a woman. That is the principle and essence of life. One cannot get away from it.A wild horse is tamed by being ‘broken in’.  A woman is similarly de-flowered and tamed.

While riding hold on to the horse while in saddle with your thighs clasped strongly.  Likewise hold a woman firmly during sex with you thighs. The grip must be strong so as to press home your advantage.

Hold on tightly when a horse bucks and move in rhythm with him.  Duplicate this when a woman also bucks, wriggles and cavorts in passion i.e., hold her tightly and move in rhythm with her.

After a ride pat a horse on his head to convey your appreciation and love for him.  Ditto for a woman after she is ridden. She will appreciate the attention.

Build a bond of trust with the horse and understand him.  Likewise a bond of understanding and love needs to be established for riding a woman to ones satisfaction.

The above is written with apologies to feminists and pro libbers. 


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