Writing is a Vibration Therapy

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Hello friends, this is just a heart to heart talk to share an experience of Vibration therapy. Through my writing I try to talk to you, share thoughts and refresh one another. Please let me know how far you have been touched by me. Your sharing will, of course, bring us closer and help all of us.

1) Personal sharing

Through my writings I have tried to share my stories with you personally. Most of the stories have been personal, experienced in my life. I hope each of the stories had a hook or theme for each of you. I tried to incorporate a story that you can connect to or relate to your own life instead of just plainly stating facts. Was my presentation interesting to you?

2) Each article had been personal

Each and every article had been my sharing with you. It was a personal communication with you. Perhaps some of the articles might have provoked you to get angry. Some ideas might not have been agreeable to you. That is quite natural as we have so many gaps. But all your reactions have been encouraging me to write more and more. In spite of those gaps there has been a strong relationship between me and each one of you.

3) Carrying original information

All the articles had been carrying original information. I have tried my best to deliver my story and information in a fresh and original way so that it may make you feel my vibration. Through my originality, I have tried to stand out apart from other authors. It was an attempt to provide quality and originality.

4) Writing an inspiration

Writing was an inspiration in two ways: through my own inner vibration and through experiencing your vibrations through your feedbacks. The experiences I had through my clinical service and knowledge from sharing with others built up a niche for me. Even without seeing you hearing from you, I could feel the vibrations in you.

5) Probing into creativity

My writing career has been an attempt to probe into creativity. It has ever been an effort to break the mold and get creative. It is a creativity tinged in spirituality so that it can have positive vibrations.

Now it is your turn. Some might have experienced the vibration. For some it might have a new experience. Hope to see ripples, either positive or negative. For both I am always grateful.


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