The Availability of a Drug

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Today, everything is easily accessible. We live in a world where everything is available. You can get to everything. The best example of this is the internet. Here you can find almost any information. Of course, you should know to make a healthy selection. Unfortunately, no one teaches young people how to choose the content. They take what they think they like. Or what is formulated so that sounds irresistible.

Everything is available to everyone. As the available information so available drugs.

And how to protect young people? What is the best form of prevention?
It is not easy to answer these questions. Still …
Young people and children should be taught. Proper information is the best prevention.
It should work on proper growth. Young person should lead to self-awareness. They need to learn how to choose. Young person needs to ensure healthy growth. A young man should be given the circumstances and opportunities to become and remain aware of itself and its values. It should be taught to develop and recognize the positive impacts. Young people should learn the way they always build yourself. They should understand the importance of lifelong learning.

When a person becomes aware of itself, no more problems. A person will know what to choose from all that is offered to him.
Unfortunately, our awareness has not yet reached that level.
We still need to do lots more.
But, it’s time to move on. It is time to do more and more.
Young people are our future. It is time to illuminate their future.

Of course it is still worrying easy availabilityof addictive substances.
Research shows that over 92% of children feel that they are easily accessible procurement of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. They find it easy to obtai alcohol and cigarere, although it is prohibited sales to minors. They have devised numerous ways to outwit the law.
44% of youth stated that they were very accessible procurement of marijuana.
When asked how much time they most needed to acquire a joint, corresponding to that they should be up 10-20 minutes, which means that the sale of drugs here, among us!

The comforting news lately is a small change, which refers to the price. They say that in every evil there is something good. When it comes to addiction, we could say that the recession has brought something good: the prices of all drugs, ranging from cigarettes and alcohol, have increased. Now it is no longer possible to obtain marijuana for twenty minutes if you do not have secured some more funding, which is, again due to the recession, now increasingly difficult to secure.
Of course, everyone would have wanted to end the recession as quickly as possible, but the prices of all drugs should be bigger. 

How young people come up with the money to buy drugs?
Initially, as a trial, you can get drugs for free. “Friend” you offer drug and it will not charge you anything. In addition to free offers, gives a convincing, appealing, but it is definitely false promises. And so a few times, enough that a young person gets in trouble with drugs.
The next step, ‘friend’ take a meeting with the dealers. Drugs given the price, because it has already taken its toll: young people will feel the need for it and he feels that he can not without the drugs. So moving on the path of addiction.
Of course, in such a situation, the money is coming in different ways. One option is prostitution.

Again, it’s hard to get out of this damned situation.
So, again, is worth the best rule of thumb: Be smart, don’t ever start.


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