Become Free From The Bindings of Baptism

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We can create disasters when we manipulate our fellow humans through deceit, unlawfulness and flattery, just like a computer virus that worms into your work. Consequentially, we end up triggering reactions in our fellow men that would not have otherwise emerged on their own. This manipulative manner is not merely limited to family, it is also at the workplace, politics and even in our larger economy. These manipulations unfortunately bind not only this lifetime but if left undissolved, these could even be taken with your soul beyond this lifetime into your future lives as well! Every body wants to become free and yearns for this freedom of the soul.

However, in order to become free, you got to ask yourself a few questions: how do you bind yourself to new people each day? Why do you allow others to make demands on you that bind you to them? The human programs are not as harmful as they are thought to be. When we bind to others and allow ourselves to be bound to others, we mostly build a strong and stable dungeon for ourselves as well as our fellow men.

The most far reaching and serious manipulation over the last 2000 years has been on behalf of the church institutions. This is through dogmas, rituals and ceremonies that have no connection to God whatsoever. For instance, before the child reaches an age of reasoning, baptism is one ritual that is performed. The child’s opinion is not asked for and thus cannot say a no or a yes in this matter. This ties the child to the church through a ceremony whether he wants it or not. This is a clear violation of free will which is sadly experienced by hundreds of thousands of people, but are they actually accepting of their own accord?

This ceremony serves to impose a control, a channel that encompasses influence on the child’s entire lifetime, not allowing you to become free. The child’s growth is under this influence and his feelings, thoughts, words and actions continue to be indoctrinated through his lifetime.

So when you want to become free from such binds as baptism, this means a lack of your freedom. This is no at all in accordance with the teachings of Jesus, since he taught us Freedom! This also defies laws of heaven and remains merely laws of these church institutions.

This is why the clergy is held responsible for leading people astray, they are responsible for all those thousands and thousands of souls who have not made it to their Father in heaven or have not yet found their way back. It is the responsibility of the clergy to see that the last child of God makes it back to its Father. Become free from the binds of baptism.

Jesus of Nazareth said ‘But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in.’


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