Increase Your Luck And Good Fortune With Feng Shui

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Feng shui is a wonderful remedy for all those who are looking to increasing their good fortune. The idea is to use feng shui remedies for good fortune in positions that bring positive chi into your surrounding environment benefiting your life. Feng shui has been used for centuries and is easy to use as well as powerful.

A cure or enhancer when placed with the correct orientation harnesses positive chi or good energy bringing and maintaining harmony in the area. This helps bring in good health, happiness, wealth and prosperity to its users.

If you can learn how to use and activate all the positive energies, it will definitely benefit you with good luck and fortune.

One of the most popular and potent remedy for good fortune in feng shui is the symbol of the dragon. The symbol of the dragon is said to create cosmic chi that brings increased prosperity into your office and home as well as good luck. When you combine the power of the dragon symbol with moving water, it gets more power. When placing it in your home or office, the north is the best direction for a water-dragon combination. According to feng shui, this will bring endless success in your career. When you place it in the southeast direction, it will bring a lot of monetary luck.

Another good fortune symbol from feng shui is the elephant. This represents prominence and power mostly associated with the family’s head. The elephant also grants wishes and it will bring success to business endeavors and deals.

The laughing Buddha brings positive chi abundantly and brings good luck to your home. It is a powerful feng shui symbol to increase your luck associated with family and children.

Other feng shui remedies like the wind chime can help you in balancing out all the energies in your life. These attract happiness and fortune into your home.

A powerful and lucky number is the number 9 and it helps you get good fortune. If the windows of your home or office can open outwards completely, these act as focal points in attracting wealth.

Whichever feng shui cure you plan to use in your life, make sure it is with a good will and honesty. Before you begin moving anything out of a room or into a room, make sure you are aware that you are doing it in order to attract wealth and good luck.

It is advised to do the same when you begin thinking of adding or removing something from a room. Ask yourself what the feng shui symbol would mean for your fortune and how it will affect you. Make sure you know the correct and effective feng shui theory before making changes.

Always keep in mind that it is not only the physical symbol that brings in a change in your fortune; it is the emotional being that makes a big difference to your goals. Remember to be ready for the changes and good luck that feng shui brings into your life.


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