Irish Jewelry Pieces For All Spiritual Occasions

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There are so many special occasions in our lives to celebrate, whether it be a wedding or a birthday. Irish jewelry pieces are getting more and more popular with both the sexes making them the most favored gift items bought at stores and the internet. Though all Irish jewelry pieces are awesome, gaining more knowledge regarding their symbolic meaning would make them more special. Here are some Irish jewelry pieces used for spiritual occasions.


A birthday celebration is a culmination of all the joys and tribulations in your life. It celebrates the overcoming of all trials through the year and looking for a new year full of new challenges and opportunities. Irish jewelry pieces with spiral designs work the best. These spiral designs are a symbol of life. Rather than a straight line, Irish believe in symbolizing life with a spiral. With every year, you end up facing new challenges which see you at the bottom sometimes. Similarly, you get opportunities that see you at the top at other times. Hence Irish jewelry pieces for birthdays must be a spiral.


A wedding is a celebration of a new chapter for the couple. It means the start of a new journey that the new couple will embark on. In order to remind the newly weds of their vows, irish jewelry pieces in a knot design are gifted to the bride and groom during the bachelor’s party/ bridal shower or during and after the wedding. The knot in these Irish jewelry pieces are a symbol of strength and unity. This serves as a reminder that they are joined together for life.

Graduation celebrations

This is a landmark in a student’s life, the transition from high school to college, from teenage to young adulthood. The first steps towards a chosen career over the following four years in college and the new found freedom is definitely a reason for celebration. There are a number of Irish jewelry pieces for a graduation celebration that have spirals that twirl in opposite directions. These symbolize the trials and challenges of the new life as well as the new avenues that would open up for the students. These spirals will constantly remind them to play as well as work in a harmonious balance in order to achieve success.

Where can you get Irish jewelry pieces?

Due to the ever increasing popularity of these Irish jewelry pieces, you can now find them at several local shopping malls and jewelry stores as part of the jewelry collections. You can also find these amazing pieces on the internet at online stores. If you want to add a personal touch to your Irish jewelry pieces, you can even find some websites that will teach you how to create your own pieces! So there is nothing stopping you from owning a piece today or gifting it to somebody you know is ready to celebrate a new milestone in his or her life.


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