Alexandrite Jewelry

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A wedding is the most important event of your life and what could be a better way of celebrating it then wearing beautiful alexandrite jewelry? Alexnadrite jewelry is the most apt for such an occasion owing to its noble history, the mysteriously changing colors and the rarity of the expensive jewels. No doubt a bride looks exquisite in alexandrite jewelry and so would the guests who sport these marvelous pieces.

Special occasions like a wedding require special attention as well and it is important that the catering is perfect and the guests shine. Where men can look dashing in an immaculate suit, women need pretty dresses and spectacular jewelry. The center of all attention, the Bride must be dressed in clothes and jewelry that she can remember all her life. The beauty of the preciously rare alexandrite jewelry will make her feel so special!

So why is alexandrite jewelry so special? The answer is with Randy G Lander who along with her husband has been working with alexandrite for a decade now. Randy G Lander is a descendant from Russia and she is continuing the medieval Khazars tradition of trading jewelry and lays emphasis on alexandrite jewelry. She will tell you that alexandrite is the rarest gem on earth and this makes it the most appropriate for weddings and more expensive than diamonds. She also recommends alexandrite jewelry for their properties of color changing. Weddings are a plethora of emotions ranging from happiness and joy for the union and fear of a different future. Your alexandrite jewelry can express these emotions very well. Depending on the intensity of light it receives, alexandrite changes its color from a green color to ruby red or to a purple/ violet hue. There is no other gemstone that changes color so mysteriously. If you are looking for dazzling jewelry for the bride, nothing dazzles like alexandrite jewelry!

These alexandrite jewels come from Czar Alexander II and alexandrite jewelry was worn by German and Russian royalty. The first to own the alexandrite was Empress Ekaterina. However, due to irresponsible greed, some of the rare stones were sold to a prince from Germany who gifted alexandrite jewelry to his wife. When Empress Ekaterina and the German Princess met, the royal caretaker’s greed was discovered and he ended up being punished. The Empress continued to wear the rest of the alexandrite jewelry.

Alexandrite jewelry continues to impress gemologists, buyers, scientists and royal buyers equally. The elements in alexandrite meet in a manner that they have never before resulting in its hardness and the unique optical quality. This makes alexandrite the most sought after gem and alexandrite jewelry the most captivating.

Backed with such history and amazing appreciation, there should be no other option for your wedding. You can stand out in the crowd with a necklace, a pair of earrings or a finger ring made with alexandrite. Alexandrite jewelry is fit for the royalty and you are no less than a princess at your wedding!


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