Faith Versus Actions

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As a Christian you acknowledge that all of us are sinners and it is only by God’s grace that we can spend an eternity with Him in heaven. No matter what we do, trying our best to be like Christ, we will surely fall short of the example Jesus set for us. If this is true then what is your responsibility to seek heaven and why is it so important every day?

If our actions are not enough to get us to heaven, then why do we not simply do as we wish? The teachings of Christ say that we will be recreated, the old will pass and we will be born again as Christ’s children. If we accept Christ as our savior and Lord and he forgives our sins, are we automatically in? Does the new creation turn us into perfect Christians? The Bible says this is what happened to the sinner who was on the cross next to Jesus. But how about you were on the cross next to Him but not about to perish when accepting his grace? What if you turn your life over to the Lord but were to live another 40 years? What are the affects of living in a society that does not acknowledge the grace of God on the Christian?

When thinking faith versus actions, there are a number of scriptures that tell us what God says about our actions. Here are a few examples of God telling us to be responsible for our actions and to take action:

Ephesians 4:22 “…put off your old self.”

Matthew 18 3 “…unless you change…”

James 1:21 “…get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent…”

Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on things above…”

These are only pieces but were spoken to the Christians in the early church. The words ‘get rid of’, ‘change’, ‘put off’ and ‘set your mind’ are all action words, intended for us to act upon.

The para where Christ tells Matthew 13:3-9 is about the farmer who has sown a seed and it falls on different kinds of grounds. The seed that ended up on a path means that the word of God was not headed to and it was rejected. The seed that fell on rocky soil and thorns meant that God’s word was accepted but without any commitment towards it. These plants grew rapidly meaning that God does his part by forgiving sins and offering us the power to become the Christians Christ hoped for. But if there is no commitment to change in new Christians, then they fall out of grace. These plants did not exist but perished. Only seeds that fell on good soil or was accepted by the truly committed bore fruit.

When you accept the Lord, you were given the power to change your life, to win over your sins. But it is your commitment to make changes in your daily choices with the help of the Holy Spirit. You are bound to fall short but Christ judges you by the commitment and the intention in your heart.


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