The Spiritual Journey of Maturing in Faith

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The happiest moment of my life was when my sons were born. Those were the most exciting times in my life, but i knew that this was just the beginning of a new journey. It is very similar to accepting Jesus Christ as your savior; it is rightly called being born again. No doubt you can equate the child’s growing up into a mature and responsible adult to walking through life when following Christ’s teachings and maturing in faith. Rebirth is like beginning a spiritual journey.

The church does an amazing job of teaching us about the Lord’s grace and love of which there is an unimaginable abundance. However, they sometimes leave out the role and responsibility that we owe as Christians. The Bible clearly states what is expected of us when we commit ourselves to the teachings of the Lord.

The first of these responsibilities in order to mature in faith is to turn away from sin. When you are a Christian, God’s mercy and love encompasses you and you can attain salvation. The Holy Spirit offers us the tools to a righteous life but it is no magic. Though we have power over our sins, it is entirely in our hands through the unlimited choices we make each day and these determine our relationship with the Almighty. There are a number of verses in the Bible that ask us to “make every effort…to turn from sin”. This means the action is completely ours. We cannot merely go to church each Sunday in outward faith and then continue to live through the week like we did before we knew the Lord. Your every day choices determine how committed you are to Christ, your faith. Decide if you are to live by the norms of the society or you choose to turn from sinning and follow in His faith.

The next step to mature in faith is to love Christ with all your mind, soul and heart. Christ says this is the greatest commandment but what do you do? Do you tell Christ how much you love Him each Sunday? Definitely not, it is much more than this! Right after the great commandments, Christ tells us that we show him love when we show love to those who are less fortunate than we are. We must have faith and offer a drink to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, visit the prisoners, food to the hungry, comfort the stranger and look after those who are sick.

Approximately eighty percent of this country’s population is Christain. If all of us were living according to the Lord’s teachings, there would be lesser troubles in the world. When you follow His teachings in faith, you are walking down the narrow path through that small gate. It may not be easy but through our choices each day and faith, we choose to walk through this path and not merely the path offering the least resistance.


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