Long Scriptures From The Bible

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Just like with the short verses, there is nothing spiritual about trying to memorize long scriptures from the Bible. You need a lot of determination and patience but just about anybody could learn the long scriptures from the Bible if they wanted to. There is no talent required, at least not as much as it is believed!

Every body has their own method of memorizing something. I have my own method and i am sure you have a system in place as well. However, just to help you get ahead with your memorizing and adapt it your style, i will share my way of memorizing long scriptures form the Bible.

1. Begin with choosing the long scriptures from the Bible that you hope to memorize.

2. Read the scripture repeatedly so that you become familiar with the length of the sentences. Now sit down for a few minutes every now and then through the day to read it again and again. It is very important to get familiar with these long scriptures from the Bible. So when you read, do so slowly, savoring each word and allowing them to register.

3. The whole idea is to understand what the words mean and understand it so well that the words get imprinted in your memory being accessible without any effort. You could also conduct a Bible study so that the commentary can help you get a good understanding of the long scriptures of the Bible.

4. Use a 3×5 card to pen down a short outline of the long scriptures from the Bible for better understanding.

5. You could also do what i usually do and break down the long scriptures from the Bible into shorter paragraphs for ease of understanding.

6. Another key to memorizing is to learn the first 5 words of all the long scriptures from the Bible. This technique or perhaps another variation makes a huge difference especially when you are just starting out. 

7. Now you begin with memorizing the first batch.

8. Do not move onto another batch until you can recite the first one without any errors and with good speed. Move on only when you can write the scripture without any errors.

9. If you have taken a long break, recite all the long scriptures from the Bible out loud before you begin working on the next batch. This will help you get in the mood for more memorizing and also help you get your thoughts in tandem.

10. Remember that learning long scriptures from the Bible is a great spiritual achievement. However, the main purpose behind all this is to get a better understanding of the holy teachings through memorizing long scriptures from the Bible. Simply reading it directly from the book cannot give you that deeper thought process that the Bible should evoke in you. Meditate on the verses as you memorize.

Now, that is my system of memorizing long scriptures from the Bible. This may not be perfect but it sure cuts down the time to half. Make your own changes to these steps and carry on!


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