Warm Mist Home Humidifier

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Before you purchase an appliance for your home, you must take a look for information at home humidifier reviews. There is a choice between a portable unit that you can use in your bedroom and a humidifier for the entire house. If you are not in an area with very dry climates, the portable humidifier for a single room should be good.

Check for reviews of various kinds of humidifiers. The commonly found ones are warm mist home humidifiers or the cool mist kinds. Make sure you check reviews for both before making a purchase.

If you have selected the type you want, move on to checking reviews of the models. Beware of some advertising that is designed just like a review.

When looking for accurate information, check consumer reviews so you know how well the unit worked for other users. You may, however, not find comparative reviews here. A professional review will mostly be unbiased and give you straight comparisons between various models. Check a number of sources before you zero in on a style and model for your home.

Cool Mist Home Humidifiers

Cool mist home humidifiers use vibration in cold water to create mist. Since these models use cold water, you can use them in nurseries or bedrooms for younger children. There will never be a risk of scalding due to hot water unlike the warm mist home humidifiers or steam vaporizers.

However, since the water used in these is cold, the risk of releasing mold and bacteria into the air is greater. The water remains stagnant inside the machine making it a perfect ground for the breeding of various microorganisms. It is important to properly clean and disinfect the humidifier regularly. After each use, make sure you empty out the water, clean it with a disinfectant and keep the tank completely dry. Before each use you must add fresh water.

Warm mist home humidifier

With a warm mist home humidifier, steam is created using hot water in your room. Since the water is hot, the risk of mold spores and bacteria is lesser with warm mist home humidifiers. If you take care of cleaning and maintaining the warm mist home humidifier well, you can completely eliminate such risks. This would mean you clean and disinfect the machine on a regular basis and change the filters as required.

If you or a family member suffers from congestion and cold during the winters, a warm mist home humidifier is the best machine to treat it. Most models of warm mist home humidifiers will allow you to add liquid medications to the heated water that helps in relieving your cold symptoms. However, due to the hot water these warm mist home humidifiers do not make for the best choice in young children’s rooms. If your child ends up pulling down the unit, there is always a risk of burning making it very dangerous for toddlers or infants.


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