Keen Shoes For Women

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Even when you consult the English dictionary, Keen means ‘having a fine edge’; keen shoes for women are actually better than anything else you will ever slip into! Keen shoes for women are the best you can get for a woman (or yourself if you are the lady) in terms of comfort, protection and style.

You will know exactly what I mean when you check the winter boots from keen shoes for women. These Stockholm boots are lined with fleece, the leather is water resistant and the non marking rubber makes these the best to walk around in. Not exactly you? Check out the Chamonix model from keen. The interior on these keen shoes for women is soft wool with the same rubber outsole that is the ultimate in comfort.

How about the Carlisle boot that offers the best in minimal shoes and are available in brindle and black that is great for any outfit you may choose. You get the best waterproofing with the rich leather upper and the front panel that flexes when you walk in these keen shoes for women making them very comfortable to be in for long hours too.

When you set your eyes on the Winthrop keen shoes for women, you wouldn’t want to ever leave home without them! This winter boots are a classic with a rubber ‘toe’ that keeps you dry. The upper is waterproof leather for security and the outsole is the standard rubber which is so nice to walk around in. If you were looking for something to keep away the cold without having to think about the snow or water when outdoors â check out the shay boot. These keen shoes for women combine a textile bootie with suede clogs for the perfect wear during cold dry weather.

The Cheyenne boot from keen is great for anywhere and not merely in the cold weather of Cheyenne. The upper is leather or wool to retain the warmth with an inner lining of microfleece. Simply lace up your boots and you are ready to hit the town with these keen shoes for women.

The Kaley boots are another lovely pair from keen. I am not sure though if Kaley is a geographical location as well! The leather upper is rich, warm and funky and added to the rugged rubber outsole offers unmatched comfort.

No, the line of winter boots from keen does not end hereâ¦check out the Betty boot (not named after the cartoon character of Betty Boop). This timeless piece features a cushy microfleece interior with a synthetic waterproof quilt on the outside. The girly look is amazing with this dry and warm pair of boots from keen shoes for women.

The last in line is the Bern high boot. Just try it out at the store and check yourself in the mirror; you won’t go home without it! The best in winter wear, these boots feature premium leather and a shearling faux lining. The boots are a stunning 15 1/2″ in height with stylish buckled straps. These keen shoes for women fit like a dream with the inset elastic panel at the top.


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