Do we Really Have Freedom?

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Freedom is absolute. There must be the presence of absolute freedom. I am free if there is no determination because to say that what I did today is determined by the past event that I have done is to say that I am not free.

We are not responsible for our actions since it is determined. A particular past event that I have done is the cause of what I did today. Our choices would be just another outcome determined by the past. So at any given time, I am not free because my actions are determined by earlier ones.

It has something to do with morality. If we are determined, there is no good or bad since actions are determined by its causes. If we are not free, then we are not responsible for our actions. Our actions are like mechanical. I can make an excuse when I committed a crime that it is not my fault because I am not responsible for my actions. For instance, I am a liar and I lied to my mother about what I told her. Then she found out that what I told her is a lie. My excuse is that she cannot blame me to lie because it is determined if it is true that my actions are determined.

We are free if there is no determination even self determination. I can act even if I am not determined by my character. For instance, I am a lazy student. Because of being lazy, I failed in the examination. Then I realized that there is nothing good brought by being lazy and in order to get high grades, I must study hard. Now, I always study my lessons. So my character cannot determine my actions.

If we will say that I am responsible for an action if it follows from my character is to actually say that it will be determined based upon my character. So how can I be responsible for my actions if my actions can be predicted from a given time? I can only be responsible if the act is not determined by my nature or character or from anything in me. Therefore, I am responsible for my actions because they are undetermined.


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