Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Nothing Like It

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Whenever I bought a new device, I would end up choosing from Nokia or HTC, just because phones from Samsung wouldn’t stand much competition. But NOW, ever since the Galaxy S II, successor of the popular Galaxy S, was released, Samsung has shown what it can really do. What everyone are now calling “World’s Best Smartphone”, leaves ALL behind, even the all new Sensation from HTC and the iPhone 4.

Samsung surely created quite a lot of buzz about its new phone just after the announcement of the Galaxy S II, featuring a dual Core ARMv7 1,2GHz processor, a super AMOLED plus display, Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) and loads of other features! I was excited, but not sure at that moment, whether this was the big leap Samsung was taking with its first dual core Smartphone. Everyone is saying the same thing about it, PURE AWESOMENESS. Once you get your hands on it, you will have nothing to complain about. Build quality of the phone is okay and I’m still talking plastic here. The phone is ultra thin even though it features a large screen. The Super AMOLED screen is something I personally fell in love with. The screen takes you in-depth with EVERY possible colour, detail with high visual clarity and a resolution of 800×480, which may seem a little less for some people. This large device, featuring a super AMOLED display is nothing but fun while browsing, viewing photos and watching high definition videos!

This mammoth is powered by the latest version of Android, 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and also features Samsung’s very own Touchwiz, which I’d say isn’t good enough to beat HTC’s Sense UI, but sure has improved with time. The widgets are well designed, using the phone is easy and scrolling past various home screens is smoother than ever! The performance of the Camera is outstanding, which allows 1080p video recording, so that you can record every bit possible. Samsung has included the following stand-out features:

  • Predictive Dialing

  • Hubs

  • Swype

  • Allshare

  • Chat App

  • Split view in messaging

  • More multi-touch and accelerometer features/gestures

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S II is the best from Samsung till date, and currently according to me, the best Smartphone available in the market. With its awesome hardware specs, and the amazing Android 2.3, I totally recommend all Smartphone users to buy one of these, or at least get your hands on it and try it for sure. At the moment, I suppose the Galaxy S II reigns at the moment, but with rumours of the Apple iPhone 5 (featuring a dual core processor) coming out in September, or later this year, the smartphone market scenario may very well change.


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