Apple Beats Nokia: Becomes Highest Selling Smart Phone Seller

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NOKIA NO longer reigns as the supreme brand as Apple has toppled the Finnish company and takes its place as the top most smartphone brand. This was the one area where Nokia was the personal favourite of many but here also the US company has beaten Nokia. Apple became the top most brand to sell the highest number of smart phones in the world.

The results were affirmed when Apple shipped 20.3 million iPhones, and in the same time frame Nokia shipped around 16.7 million smart phones. Apart from this data, the analysis of International Data Corporation (IDC), which keeps a tab of the technology market said that Nokia globally, covers only 16 percent of the smart phones market contrary to 37 percent of the market which it occupied last year.

Nokia, which was once the favourite of many, still holds the number one place in the basic handset market but as analysts are saying, soon it would also be overtaken by the Samsung phones.
If the Finnish company fails to either deliver good phones at lower price or very good features in its own price then its doomsday is near.

Already, so many low-cost alternatives are available in the market that Nokia is losing its hold. Apple on the other hand is winning due to the fact that they are bringing in their own applications and softwares, which is also lacking in Nokia.

In both the high end and low end market, Nokia’s market share has lowered by 25 percent. According to IDC, “Nokia is bleeding on all fronts. On the smartphone segment its portfolio is not attractive in terms of user experience, ecosystem and even price. Since the company started struggling in 2009, a price differentiation strategy was pursued to keep volumes high, but even this is not working anymore. Consumers can already find better Android devices at lower prices than Nokia smart devices.”

This gets worse for Nokia as Apple is rumoured to launch a cheap iPhone very soon, which would further take down the Nokia Company. Nokia hopefully takes the clue and does something about it as the picture is not looking that rosy anymore.

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